Your music is now playing on Facebook Gaming streams

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What’s better than a great gaming stream? One with a killer soundtrack and with the expansion of music on Facebook Gaming you could be the sound of gameplay heard around the world.

Facebook are expanding the way that they work with music to bring opportunities to creators who stream on the world’s biggest social media platform. They’ve now expanded the ability to play background music during gaming live streams on Facebook Gaming so that all Partner and Level Up creators can explore Facebook’s huge library of tracks to accompany their gameplay.

Facebook’s Director of Global Gaming Creator Partnerships, Luis Renato Olivalves said: “Gaming and music are a match made in heaven, and we hope our partnership with the music industry opens the door to future collaborations and opportunities for artists, gamers, and fans alike. We’ll continue working with our music partners to bring those possibilities to life.”

How to add music to Facebook Gaming streams

Adding music to streams doesn’t need to be a legal battleground on Facebook thanks to their agreements with music labels, publishers, and societies, including the major record labels and us here at RouteNote. This means that using music from their catalogue in streams is not only legal but simple, as Facebook will fix the royalties with the rightsholders.

To play music in a Facebook live stream simply play it through your streaming software: whether you’re streaming on PC, Mac, or Console, and whether you’re using OBS, Streamelements OBS, Streamlabs OBS, it’s all good.

Facebook’s background detection is getting even better so that they can automatically tell apart music that is played as the audio focus of a stream and music that is played underneath a voiceover. This ensures that all creators are able to use music in their streams however they want to and that music rightsholders get paid.

Whilst Facebook have agreements with a lot of music publishers and labels, not all tracks are covered with them. If a creator uses a song that isn’t covered in their video then Facebook will notify you that a section of your video has been muted or blocked because of a copyrighted song.

How to get paid for use of your music on Facebook streams

We partnered with Facebook over 3 years ago to bring RouteNote artists’ music from all over the world to Facebook and Instagram. We offer free distribution to all artists and by selecting Facebook you can get your music added to Facebook’s content library, allowing your music to be used in videos and streams on Facebook whilst getting paid from every view.

If you’re new to RouteNote, creating an account is as simple as heading to and entering your email address to create a free account. Once you’re logged in select ‘Create new release’ to add your music and select the stores you want to distribute your music to.

Choose Facebook to add your music to Facebook’s system for automatic detection any time it is used in video content. If your music is approved for distribution to Facebook then you’ll also be added to Instagram where users can choose your music to soundtrack their Stories and Reels, getting paid every time your music is used.

What is Facebook Gaming?

Facebook Gaming launched in 2018 as a dedicated spot for creators to share their gameplay with fans on the world’s most popular social media platform. The site is built into their website and Facebook even have their own dedicated app for Gaming.

The hub is a lot like Twitch or YouTube’s live-streamed gaming community. The app and website brings together pre-recorded videos and clips from streams as well as offering all of the livestreams currently recording. Viewers can search for particular games or creators and then they can pin games for quick access.

Users can join tournaments in which they can challenge other players directly through Facebook Gaming. Schedule tournaments in advance and compete with gamers from all over the world or join existing tournaments.

Users can also play Facebook’s web games like Draw Something, Candy Crush, and many others. The games are built into Facebook’s platform so any players can easily challenge their friends and see their friends’ high scores and progress.

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