Subscriptions will be available in Spain, Germany, Italy, the UK, France, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Japan in the next few weeks.

Over the past year, Instagram has been building out various creator monetization tools, including Subscriptions. Instagram Subscriptions are a way for creators to make a predictable income, rather than earnings being based on a fluctuating source, such as advertising revenue, based on engagement.

After launching around a year ago, Instagram Subscriptions are now rolling out worldwide in the coming months, starting with the following countries over the next few weeks: Spain, Germany, Italy, the UK, France, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Japan

Fans of creators with Subscriptions turned on can pay montly to access exclusive content in posts, Stories, Reels, Lives, Broadcast Channels and Highlights, as well as unlocking a subscriber badge that appears next to their comments and messages, so creators can easily identify them. This both provides creators with income and enables a deeper connection between the creator and their most dedicated fans. Creators set the price, which is usually around $2 – $10.

To see Subscriptions in action, visit the following creators on the mobile app: @isaacboots, @deuxmoi, @jadennewman1, @thestilettomeup, @paulwesley, @iansomerhalder. Tap Subscribe next to the Follow button on their profile to see what they offer and the price. Creators can promote subscriptions in Stories and a Subscribe button appears in the top right corner of their feed posts.

Find out if you’re eligible, how to enable Instagram Subscriptions and more info on payouts here. For tips and best practices, check out the Instagram Subscriptions Creator Playbook.

Post to subscriptions consistently! Don’t forget about your subscribers. Also, I suggest starting a subscription only group chat which will show up in your DMs. Most importantly, give your subscribers exclusive content. Save information and posts for them and ONLY them.


My reach is greater amongst my subscribers since my content shows up at the top of their feed, so I have much better engagement with them. My approach to Subscriptions is to invest time and effort into building that relationship with those that do sign up. It feels like a group of close friends who genuinely care and support one another. They’re invested in you and they deserve the same.


Instagram Subscriptions has made it easy for me to connect with my most engaged followers and give them the freedom to access exclusive content anytime, anywhere, like my livestream workouts. Teasing my subscriber content through plugs on my main page and promoting my Subscription in Stories is easy, low-lift marketing.


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