Meta Verified is now available in US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and India, with Brazil coming soon. Subscribe in India for ₹699.

Meta Verified, the subscription service that offers a verified account, impersonation protection, account support and other feature, was first announced and launched in Australia and New Zealand in February earlier this year. This was followed by the roll out to the US and UK, with Canada getting access just last week. As announced by Mark Zuckerberg in his Broadcast Channel, rollout to India has now started and should be available to all users over the next few weeks. Next up is Brazil, which is “coming soon”.

Image Credit: Meta

Account support is currently only available in English, but is being extended to include Hindi in the coming months. Meta says they are continuing to honor legacy verified badges on Facebook and Instagram for existing accounts globally.

Meta Verified is available in India for ₹699 per month on iOS and Android. The option to pay a reduced ₹599 per month will be available on web in the coming months. You can sign up to the waitlist through the Facebook web Account Center to be notified when this lower price option is available.

As in other territories, to sign up you need to have prior posting history, be at least 18 years old and submit a government ID that matches the name and photo on your Facebook/Instagram. The feature is still not currently available to businesses.

I think Meta Verified is quite a valuable proposition and is here to speed up the process of building a strong presence on Instagram and Facebook. For emerging creators who’re stretching the realms of the creator economy in India, this will provide a seal of legitimacy and security.

Sahil Purakait (@sahilpurkait_), Delhi based creator with 125k followers

For the longest, I’ve been wanting the verified badge. Account support is also a very common and frequent request from creators like me. Meta Verified, I feel, meets both these needs and I’m looking forward to it. I feel this provides more permanence to our presence on Instagram and Facebook, and can be the foundation to us building a large and loyal following.

Sameer Quraishi (@sameerquraishi__), Noida based creator with 273k followers

The introduction of Meta Verified is a game changer for hard working content creators like me, as it provides an essential layer of authentication. With this, I can finally establish and protect my unique identity, ensuring that my culinary creations are rightfully attributed and celebrated.

Fenn Shalom Roy (@foodozers), Chennai based creator with 386k followers

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