Musixmatch is the world’s largest catalog of song lyrics and translations, providing artists and fans with a free and easy way to add lyrics to tracks.

Musixmatch is an all-in-one platform for consumers and content creators. Working with over 1 million artists, songwriters and publishers can easily add lyrics to their music. This will live on Musixmatch’s database for anyone to search through and be sent off to partners such as Apple Music, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Shazam and many more, to provide streaming platforms with valuable lyric data.

Instagram Stories can show synced lyrics with most popular tracks. Your music on Instagram Stories can have synced lyrics too for free. Click here for a hand uploading your music to IG Stories.

Spotify recently partnered with Musixmatch to add synced lyrics to their app. The new feature will debut in Latin America, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

It’s more important than ever to share your music in as many places as possible online. Claim your profile and add official synced lyrics to Musixmatch and thus all their partners.

As CDs and CD booklets faded out some years ago, this left a hole those wanting to find the lyrics behind the music. Online quickly took its place. For fans that don’t remember the name of a song, one of the easiest way to find it is Googling the lyrics. Make sure your full catalogue is on Musixmatch and improve your SEO.

Anyone can contribute to writing or translating lyrics. Join the community, work your way up the ranks and even earning money for your contributions.