Here are Facebook’s 2 new features for artists and creators to make money

Facebook Stars is lighting up videos for creators on the platform to earn money in new ways and new subscriptions lets fans stay in touch even better.

Facebook have launched two new features for artists and creators that empowers them with more tools to connect to their fans and make money whilst they’re at it. Facebook Stars and Fan Subscriptions are both launching to wider audiences after a limited initial launch to certain artists and creators.

Fan Subscriptions

When you and your fans want to connect more deeply, they can make sure they don’t miss a thing with access to exclusive content.

Artists and creators on Facebook can set up a subscription that allows users to pay a monthly fee for access to exclusive content like Q&As, behind the scenes content, and more!

Subscriptions are now available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, United Kingdom, and the United States if they meet these requirements.

Facebook Stars

Fans want to give the creators they love a symbol of their appreciation. Now they can, with Stars!

Fans can purchase and send Stars in the comments of videos to show their support to whoever they’re watching. What’s more, the creator of the video earns 1 cent for each Star they receive.

Stars are available for quite a few countries and there’s a full list here, with more coming soon.

Facebook are also enhancing Creator Studio with new video insights for Live and Stars performance. There is also a new dashboard that includes Traffic Sources to see where people are coming to content from.

Facebook is getting better by the month as a platform for video producers and creators. Earlier this month they launched officially licensed music videos in the US, adding an entirely new realm of possibilities for the platform and artists on it.

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