Watch Facebook videos with your friends with Messenger’s new feature

At a time when we’re more apart than ever before, Facebook are letting us watch content together from our own homes with a new Messenger feature.

Facebook have launched ‘Watch Together’, a new feature for Messenger which lets a group of people watch videos online at the same time. It comes at an important time as we’ve all had to turn to online platforms to stay in touch with friends and loved ones a lot more.

With Facebook’s new feature they want to “replicate that experience of sitting together on the couch”. Up to eight people can watch videos together in a Messenger call and up to 50 people can take part in a Messenger Room.

Once in a call or Messenger Room you can swipe up to see whats available in ‘TV & Movies’, ‘Watched’, and ‘Uploaded’ as well as searching specifically for videos to watch. Viewers can watch videos in both landscape and portrait view, each choosing their preferred option for their own stream.

According to Facebook, Messenger hosts around 150 million video calls every single day. When it comes to sharing videos with each other, 200 million videos are shared between people on a daily basis.

The feature has already been popular with users, particularly younger users. Messenger’s head at Facebook, Stan Chudnovsky says: “The younger you are, the more you like it.”

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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