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Need some Reel inspiration? Check out these Reel ideas for content creators on Instagram and Facebook, including music artists.

What makes a good Reel? Meta have provided some new advice for brands and other Instagram and Facebook content creators to reach more users.

According to parent company Meta, 45% of Instagram users interact with a Reel at least once a week. To be fair, it’s hard not to interact with a Reel, especially on Instagram where the algorithm is shifting to push them at users.

But they’re an essential part of social media in 2022, and one that content creators like musicians and producers have to make if you want to grow on the platforms.

Think like a brand! Here are five tips to get you started.

Reel them in

…Pun intended. You want to catch viewer’s attention within the opening seconds of your video.

To stop users scrolling on, your Reel needs to be instantly engaging. Equally, Meta recommends showcasing whatever you’re selling immediately. For artists, that’s of course your music.

So, if you’re putting your music as a soundtrack to your Reel – which you can upload to Instagram and Facebook for free using RouteNote – choose the most exciting, hookiest part of your song to catch the ear.

How long should Reels be?

Reels on Instagram and Facebook can run to 90 seconds. But in the age of short-form videos, a minute and a half is a long time to hold someone’s attention in the endless scroll, especially now Instagram is switching to a TikTok-like fullscreen feed.

Therefore, Meta recommends keeping the video “short and sweet.” Just because you have the extra time, doesn’t mean you have to fill it all up – often, less is more.

Sync your Reel to music

You can sync music from the library to the story beats of your Reel. As Meta says that users have the sound on when watching 80% of Reels, having a good sound is essential.

For artists, using your own music in a video is a great idea. You could sync the movement in your video to the drop in your track, for example. If you format your Reel to fit your music in a creative way, you might inspire fans to make their own Reels using your music or Remix your Reel.

How to Remix a Reel on Instagram
Image Credit: Instagram

Follow any Reels trends

Always keep an eye on the latest effects going viral on Reels, and be ready to interpret the trending reels of Instagram and Facebook in a way that fits with your artist brand. Using the latest effects keeps you in the loop as well as getting your content noticed by Facebook and Instagram algorithms.

Don’t forget to add hashtags – if you’re a EDM artist, for example, adding in relevant hashtags will help you show up in searches by EDM fans.

Be authentic with your Facebook or Instagram Reels format

Explore all the available features to create separate scenes within your Reel, putting your own personal stamp, keeping the user’s attention, and to make your video stand out on the feed.

You could try using a couple of different AR effects throughout the video. You can also set a timer to limit how long the video is, which helps to keep your content more focused.

We’ve gathered everything you need to know about using Instagram as an artist here:

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