On July 17th, Twitch’s copyright-free music library, ‘Soundtrack by Twitch’ shut down. Find free music for your videos on Outertone!

Launched on September 2020, after a wave of DMCA takedown notices on videos featuring copyright-protected music, Soundtrack by Twitch aimed to help creators find and use music without getting strikes on their videos. After limited use from the Twitch community over the past three years and with plenty of alternative options available, Twitch decided to close down Soundtrack by Twitch on July 17th.

Twitch have posted an article on their help page to assist creators looking for copyright-free music for their streams, which includes “Outertone by RouteNote”. You can also find links to Outertone on Twitch in the CREATOR DASHBOARD, under Streaming ToolsLicensed Music Options. Outertone is our in-house, copyright-free, EDM label. As Twitch says, Outertone currently has over 1,600 free tracks available for you to download for free and use in your “Live” or “VOD” (video on demand) without fear of strikes or Content ID claims on Twitch or YouTube.

Find the latest release and links to Outertone’s Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and Instagram here.

If you want to promote your own electronic music to new listeners, submit to Outertone for free here.