Trainspottr Creates A Playlist Of Your Facebook Feed’s Music

Facebook is the home of media. It’s where you go for news, videos, photos, your friends’ plans… but where it lacks is music. brings music together from your Facebook feed.

What exactly does it do? is an app for iPhone that scans your Facebook feed and puts it all into one, easy to consume feed that you can play in app. All the pages of artists and musicians you like on Facebook will have any song uploads added to the playlist so you can easily listen to your timeline.

Follow your favourite DJ’s, bands, producers, artists, magazines, labels, and other music pages to get the music they share presented in a playlists that looks sophisticated. On the app you can favourite anything that stands out which will be saved in the app so you can come back to at anytime. On the train and want to save a track for later to add to your music library? Trainspottr have you covered.

As well as favoriting tracks you like you can “Nope” tracks you don’t like so they disappear from your feed. Noping a track even means it won’t show up again if it’s reposted or shared by another page. Notably Trainspottr only takes tracks from pages so that stranger you added on a drunken night out who relentlessly posts “trippy music man” won’t show up on the app – probably for the better.

Unfortunately for Android users the app is currently only available on the Apple App Store for iPhones but if Trainspottr is the success it should be we’ll hopefully see more platform support in future.

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