TikTok announce eight new exciting features for LIVE videos

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The new features such as LIVE Events and Picture-in-Picture are built to improve the experience of LIVE videos on TikTok.

Live videos such as music performances on social platforms such as TikTok have become increasingly popular since the start of the pandemic, with the number of people going LIVE and watching LIVE on TikTok doubling just over the past year. At-home concert from major artists such as The Weeknd pulled in 2 million total views and 275k concurrent viewers. For creators, live shows are a great way to connect and engage with viewers around the world. Hoping to bring LIVE in line with other live streaming competitors such as YouTube and Facebook, TikTok introduce many new features to help creators and viewers.


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  • LIVE Events: Creators can now schedule and manage LIVE videos, plus include timers in regular TikTok videos to promote upcoming shows. Viewers can discover, register, get notifications and receive reminders before the LIVE starts
  • Picture-in-Picture: Don’t miss a second of the LIVE stream, even if you switch to another app with Picture-in-Picture on iOS and Android.
  • Go LIVE Together: Co-host your next LIVE video with a friend, collaborator or just about anyone else.
  • LIVE Q&A: Respond to viewers’ questions in real time. The host can easily select, showcase and answer questions while streaming live.
  • Top LIVEs: With a dedicated LIVE button, users can easily discover and tune into LIVE videos from the For You and Following pages. Top LIVE categories include Chat (Q&A), Gaming, Talents, Fashion and Daily Life.
  • Help for Hosts: By assigning a trusted person to manage your stream ahead of going live, this allows you to focus on entertaining and engaging with the community, while the manager can mute and block users. Choosing someone to help can be found in the Settings on the right of the livestream launch screen.
  • Keyword Filters: To help stand against bullying and hateful comments on the platform, TikTok are introducing Keyword Filters. In the settings tab of the LIVE launch screen, you can turn off comments or add up to 200 terms into the keyword filter. The host and manager can add additional words during the stream.
  • Consider Before You Comment: When a viewer’s comment includes potentially unkind or harmful content, they will be asked to reconsider the impact of the words before posting.

In the coming weeks, TikTok are taking further steps to combat unkind and harmful content on the LIVE platform. Hosts and managers will be able to temporarily mute viewers or remove comments. Additionally accounts must be 16 or older to host LIVE videos. TikTok prohibit gift-baiting (the solicitation of gifts or engagement), fraudulent behavior or scams. TikTok also says they are cracking down by removing accounts that impersonate or mislead the community about their identity.

We’re committed to maintaining the joyful, supportive, and inspiring community that exists on TikTok while building new relationships with more creators, artists, brands, and viewers through products like TikTok LIVE. Whether on the FYF, scrolling through the Discover Page, or watching a TikTok LIVE, we’re excited about the possibilities of expanding TikTok from a platform to an ecosystem at the center of entertainment, the creator economy, and technology.

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