Image Credit: Tencent Music

New TME Business Intelligence for Artists tool gives industry reports, and music data and analytics so artists can see exactly where their streams come from.

TME Business Intelligence for Artists is a new data and analytics platform for artists and teams. The premise is similar to Spotify for Artists, but for Tencent Music platforms.

TME said BI for Artists updates 150 times a day – every 10 minutes – giving tailored stats on audience, songs, albums, chart data, and playlists, in real time.

RouteNote partner Tencent Music Entertainment owns China’s biggest streaming platforms QQ Music, Kuwo, Kugou and karaoke platform WeSing. Artists and their teams, such as music managers, can use TME Business Intelligence for Artists to manage music data across the multiple platforms.

Tencent Music Entertainment said that the data will allow for more targeted promotion and distribution, as well as help with content creation.

In a statement TME said: “TME BI for Artists also presents selected industry news to guide music professionals on emerging market trends. With coverage from music charts to music data, and from individual services to business services, TME BI for Artists aims to promote the healthy development of China’s music industry.”

Data is an important part of music marketing strategy. Seeing exactly which tracks are performing best on which platforms helps music artists to formulate future targets. The idea is that through Tencent BI for Artists, labels and artists can spot industry trends.

The business side of music can seem boring for artists – but thinking of your artist project as a brand is the best shot at success. TME BI for Artists should be a handy tool to help with that.

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