See how many videos have used your music on TikTok, now available on RouteNote

We’ve updated our statistics reports so that each month you can get an even clearer vision of how people around the world are loving and listening to your music.

RouteNote users will now be able to view a new section in their full CSV reports showing ‘Creations’ from TikTok. This extra stat shows how many videos your tracks have been used on and appears alongside your ‘Views’ figures, representing the total number of views on videos your music has been used in.

TikTok is taking the world by storm right now and more creators are jumping on there than ever before to soundtrack their moments with the music they love -yours! So this extra detail will give you a deeper insight into how the big, wide world of the TikTok community are enjoying your music.

You can find your detailed statistics report between the 15th-20th every month and they are uploaded 45 days after each month. So for example, statistics and earnings for January are available from the 15th March.

Head to your RouteNote account and log in to see your statistics. If you’re not a user yet and want to sign up for free distribution to all of the worlds biggest streaming services and platforms, then simply head to

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RouteNote introduce Timed Releases: Set the exact time your music goes live around the world

All RouteNote users can now control the time their music goes live, letting you get the most out of promoting your next release.

RouteNote artist ZOOTAH featured on the cover of Twitch playlist

Congratulations to RouteNote artist ZOOTAH, picked to feature on the cover of the HypePls playlist on Twitch!

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