Facebook announces new ‘Share to Stories’ feature for music videos

Image credit: Facebook (via Hypebot)

In a bid to amplify new music Facebook have added a ‘Share to Stories’ feature for music videos.

Facebook recently added a brand new feature to its platform called ‘Share to Stories’, its intended purpose is to help bolster the discovery of new music. 

The new feature will automatically generate a 10-30 seconds long Facebook Story using a preview clip from a recently uploaded music video. Users will be able to interact with the story and tap the middle to be prompted to watch the full-length version. The ‘Share to Stories’ function has been rolled out recently but will not be available to all users until August 16th. 

Extra information regarding this feature are as follows: 

  • Stories automatically created by the feature can be deleted by the artist at any time. 
  • This feature will only work for new releases once launched. 
  • The story will be automatically published shortly after the PMV goes live on Facebook. 
  • Artists who do not want to participate will be given the option to opt-out of the automated posting in page settings. 

This is yet another brilliant feature for artists, no matter their stature as it expands their ability to reach new and existing fans. 

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