You can now easily share music from Facebook’s Messenger app to your friends and family with new Spotify integration.

Messenger is Facebook’s mobile app for talking with all your Facebook friends. Recently Facebook updated the app to integrate Spotify so that you can easily share music to your friends without ever leaving the chat window. Using this new integration you can share links to songs and playlists.

A spokesperson for Facebook said: “Music is a big part of the way people express themselves. Adding the ability to share music, via Spotify, is another way people can choose to communicate when text and words just aren’t enough.”

With a chat open in the Messenger app you can now press ‘more’ to access the Spotify function which takes you to Spotify where you can find the track, album, artist or playlist you want to share with your friend. It may not be a massively intelligent integration but it’s a start of one that could yield some interesting results. Billboard pondered that music licensing issues could be the reason for using the external Spotify app.

Facebook have recently integrated certain music streaming services into their timelines so that music can be shared as stories. It’s unclear where these functions could lead next with an amalgamation of social media and music streaming, two of the most popular uses of the internet today. For now you can go and share some music to your friends.