Image Credit: Facebook

According to an email from Facebook, podcasts will start making their way onto the social platform next week.

As part of their new Social Audio Experiences announced back in April, Facebook will allow podcast playback directly within the app or in the background. Facebook hope to improve the podcast discovery experience by basing suggestions on your interests. Creators will be able to reach and connect with new listeners on the platform. Facebook stated that over 170 million users were connected to hundreds of thousands of podcast Pages on Facebook. According to an email sent to podcast Page owners earlier this week, podcasts and podcast clips will start showing up to listeners June 22.

The process of adding podcasts to your existing Page seems to be very simple. Creators won’t need to upload or link to anything, simply add the show’s RSS feed and all relevant data will be pulled from that. All podcasts will show in the Page’s upcoming “podcast” tab, while new shows will be automatically uploaded, shared on the Page and in followers’ News Feeds. Facebook says creators will be able to easily unpublish or remove podcasts at any time.

Image Credit: The Verge

It’s unclear how Facebook have determined which Pages belong to podcasters, but those will the email will be able to opt-in on their account’s Page settings. Creators will need to accept Facebook’s Podcast Terms of Service, which can be found here. There are currently no clear limits as to what Facebook can do with the podcasts, as it grants Facebook the rights to make derivative works.

Podcast creators can also enable clips if they want. This will allow listeners to create clips of their favourite shows, up to one minute in length, which can help increase visibility and engagement. Spotify recently introduced the ability for users to share podcasts from a certain point. YouTube are testing their own video Clips feature, which lets users cut out segments of a video to share with friends.

Image Credit: The Verge

It’s clear why Facebook are jumping on the booming podcast bandwagon. Facebook hopes this will keep users in the app for longer and may even have plans for podcast advertising in the near future. Along with podcasts, Facebook’s Social Audio Experiences included a feature as a direct competitor to Clubhouse. The first Live Audio Room in the US was held earlier this week by Mark Zuckerberg.