Facebook want to use music to let you express yourself in a whole variety of new ways with their big new plans to introduce music into Stories and Profiles.

Facebook have announced how they’re making music a bigger part of your lives on social media and represent yourself with your favourite songs. Facebook Stories have gotten a lot more personal with music sound-tracking your best moments, choose a tune that fits you and songs to your profile, as well as big expansions coming to Lip Sync Live.

In a statement Facebook said of their new musical additions to the service: “Moments are remembered and accentuated with music, and we can’t wait to see all the ways people around the world get creative with these features, make memories, and have fun with friends and family.”

Music on Facebook Stories

Facebook Music Lip Sync Live stories profileFacebook Music Lip Sync Live stories profile

Last month Facebook launched music on Facebook Stories so that you can add songs to your photos and videos shared in a Story. The feature rolled out to the News Feed as well so that wherever you want to upload your photo or video you can pick a track from the music sticker section and enhance your memories.

The music sticker option can be found in the sticker section. Search for the song you want to use, select the perfect part of the song to accompany your photo or video and add the sticker with the artist and track name. You can customise the sticker by moving it around and even adding other stickers on top.


Profile Songs

Facebook Music Lip Sync Live stories profileFacebook Music Lip Sync Live stories profileSoon Facebook will let you add songs to your Facebook profile. Whether it’s the latest track you’ve discovered and got spinning on repeat or it’s your favourite song of all time for years it will let you represent yourself musically as well as visually.

A new music section on profiles will feature all of the songs you’ve selected to represent yourself. Additionally you can pick a particular track to pin at the top of your profile so anyone looking at your Facebook profile has an instant snippet of who you are aurally. A clip of each featured song can be played by viewers and they will have the option to visit the artist’s profile or add it to their own profile.


Expanding Lip Sync Live and Adding Lyrics

Facebook’s Lip Syncing feature has been incredibly popular getting people around the world mouthing along to their favourite songs and sharing it with their friends. Lip Sync Live has now launched to all profiles in the many countries around the world where it’s available.

Facebook have expanded Lip Sync Live so that it’s available for pages meaning artists, creators and brands can join in the fun and connect with fans. Facebook are adding lyrics to Lip Sync videos as well so that viewers can follow along or join in if they want to. Facebook are rolling out lyrics to certain songs over time.