The free tool aims to help creators who are split on how to best publish their video to reach the maximum number of followers.

Facebook’s Creator Studio works in much the same way as YouTube Studio, giving page managers access to publish, manage and track post and story performance.

The new tool allows creators to test up to four different iterations of the same post to determine which performs best. The posts can differ in mutliple ways such as actual video asset, title, description and thumbnail. The creators chooses a metric to prioritise such as comments, shares, 1-minute video views, reactions, people reached or link clicks.

The tool works by distributing the posts to the News or Watch feeds of a small test group of followers, without actually publishing them, to see how they react. Once the test concludes which ever test post performs best in the chosen metric will auto-publish.

Facebook hopes this will help creators strategize and learn how to best reach their audience. Tubefilter quote inspirational content creator Dhar Mann with 18.2 million followers, who commented on the new feature saying, “If you were to ask me if there’s any feature I could have, it would be this. When my producer is arguing with my editor about what the intro should be, we can end the argument and just let the audience decide.”

The new feature has started rolling out to select video partners and will be available to all creators in the coming months.