Image Credit: Spotify

Find out how to book a Spotify ads campaign using Spotify’s Marquee marketing tool, to put your new music in front of the listeners most likely to stream it.

What is a Spotify Marquee campaign? Spotify’s Marquee promotional tool targets listeners with pop-up ads to show new music to the fans most likely to stream the new release.

Marquee is designed not to target anyone who’s already listened to the track, but work out who is the most likely to click on the ad based on their listening history.

Spotify has put together a guide for getting started with Marquee, from how the tool works to how to go about setting up a pay-to-promote campaign. We’ve gathered a few tips below.

What a Marquee looks like

Marquee is a full screen notification that pops up on Spotify advertising a new release, taking the user through to the artist page.

Image Credit: Spotify

Who does Marquee target?

Marquee can be tailored to the users most likely to be interested in your new track, chosen from your listeners and followers who have liked or streamed your music in the past. You can also target more specifically – splitting into listeners who were most recently interested in your tracks, casual, or lapsed listeners.

Spotify say more than 15% of people stream a release in the two weeks after seeing a Marquee, and they’re twice as likely to save a track.

When does Marquee pop up?

As soon as a user opens up the app, Marquee promotes the music before they’ve chosen their first song of the day to stream. As Spotify said: “It’s minimally intrusive, helpful to the interested listener, and virtually frictionless.”

How much a Marquee costs

Marquee is priced on a cost-per-click basis, with the budget being spent only when users click through on the ad. Campaign budgets start at $250, continuing for a week or until your budget is gone, whichever is first.

When should a campaign take place?

Release day Marquees will have the greatest impact, but you can start a Marquee within the first three weeks of a release. Waiting a while gives your campaign a delayed promo boost.

How to launch a Marquee

Campaigns can currently target audiences in Australia, Cananda, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand or the UK. Get started by contacting a Spotify rep here.

In the US Spotify is rolling out a tool letting artists manage Marquees through Spotify for Artists. If you’re an artist who achieves 15,000 US streams over 28 days, head to and enter your US billing information, and a Campaigns tab will appear in 24 hours.