Spotify launch Fan Study, 15 new insights to help artists and teams with their Reach, Engagement, Release and Merch

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By analyzing data across Spotify, Fan Study is an interactive site that provides key insights to help artists grow and connect with fans.

Spotify for Artists’ main mission is to help artists suceed in music by putting data, tools and resources in the hands of artists. These features include the likes of playlist pitching, Marquee, Canvas, Promo Cards and more. The latest tool from Spotify for Artists is Fan Study – a collection of 15 data-driven insights about how fans listen to music and connect with artists around the world. This is key information for everyone in the music community such as independent artists, managers, marketers and label execs planning their next release.

Image Credit: Spotify

Unlike most tools on Spotify for Artists, the insights aren’t personalized to you specifically, however each is paired with a specific action you can apply on Spotify, social media and beyond to grow your own fanbase and reach your goals. The data is organized into four chapters, to help artists expand their Reach, deepen fans’ Engagement, make noise around an upcoming Release and learn how to sell more Merch.

According to Fan Study, the Latin American market is most likely to listen to new music and new artists, with the top three cities with the most streams of new content listed as São Paulo, Santiago and Mexico City. Why is it so important to encourage fans to add your tracks to their playlists? After potential fans add your music to their personal playlist, they’ll listen to you 41% more, look at your profile 12% more and end up making 60% of all your merch purchases. These details and more can be found in Spotify’s Fan Study. Click the link beside each insight to share it with your team or on socials.

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