RouteNote’s New Music Releases 19th November 2021: Eighteen brand new tracks coming to our playlists

A fresh selection of music from RouteNote artists, spanning genres, ready to help you start your weekend off right.

Starting the year with zero playlists, RouteNote launched their first three playlists in March this year. Hooked with high tempo dance and party tunes, Catalyst with dance, house and chill house music, and Lo-Fi with chilled hip-hop beats. Eight months later, we now have six playlists spanning genres from Tranquilize with easy listening songs, Pure Filth with heavy bass tunes, and our latest addition Overdrive with heavy rock, metal and punk music. Each week, each of our six playlists get three new tracks for your listening pleasure, so be sure to save your favourite playlists and come back each week.

Our dedicated moderation team here at RouteNote listen to every track you send in. So all you need to do for your chance to get added to our playlists and featured in our next New Music Releases piece is keep uploading amazing music to RouteNote. It’s your free way to get on to stores, streaming services and social media platforms.

Ducka Shan, Kris Kiss – Strip Club

Album artwork for Ducka Shan, Kris Kiss - Strip Club

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YO-TKHS – Old Feel Like This

Album artwork for YO-TKHS - Old Feel Like This

Follow on Instagram: @YO_TKHS_JPN

Follow on Twitter: @YO_TKHS_JPN

NIVERSO, Levis Della – goosebumps

Album artwork for NIVERSO, Levis Della - goosebumps

Follow on Instagram: @niversomusic

OPRATR – No Control

Album artwork for OPRATR - No Control

Follow on Instagram: @opratrmusic

Follow on Twitter: @opratrmusic

Robbe, Faruk Orman, J R – Cheri Cheri Lady

Album artwork for Robbe, Faruk Orman, J R - Cheri Cheri Lady

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Follow on Twitter: @robbemusic

Tommy Loude – Hope

Album artwork for Tommy Loude - Hope

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pynes – Glow

Album artwork for pynes - Glow

Follow on Instagram: @pynesmusic

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Ben Jammin’ Beats – Lost Love

Album artwork for Ben Jammin' Beats - Lost Lovepynes - Glow

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Follow on Twitter: @BenJamminK1

golden era – One Right Now (lofi version)

Album artwork for golden era - One Right Now (lofi version)

Follow on Instagram: @golden.era.lofi

Sizzle Bird – Autumn Spirit

Album artwork for Sizzle Bird - Autumn Spirit

Follow on Instagram: @sizzlebirdmusic

Bjarne Hendrik – I’ve Been Feeling

Album artwork for Bjarne Hendrik - I've Been Feeling

Lunar Isles – In Any Other

Album artwork for Lunar Isles - In Any Other

Follow on Instagram: @lunarisles_

Follow on Twitter: @isleslunar

Britec – Labyrinth (feat. Kambell)

Album artwork for Britec - Labyrinth (feat. Kambell)

Follow on Instagram: @britec_

Jeshii, Majoras Drep – Le Fille Riddim VIP

Album artwork for Jeshii, Majoras Drep - Le Fille Riddim VIP

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Follow on Twitter: @MajorasDrep

Sherlock Dub – Dungeon Master

Album artwork for Sherlock Dub - Dungeon Master

NOVA – Rope

Album artwork for NOVA - Rope

Orange Goblin – Sons of Salem

Album artwork for Orange Goblin - Sons of Salem

Follow on Instagram: @orangegoblinofficial

Rash Decision – Beasts of England

Album artwork for Rash Decision - Beasts of England

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RouteNote’s New Music Releases 12th November 2021: Top new tracks from twelve RouteNote artists

Check out the fantastic music from RouteNote artists going on four of our curated playlists this Friday.

Friday at RouteNote HQ means a whole load of new tunes heading onto our in-house playlists.

Our curated playlists include Hooked, for up-tempo dance music, and Catalyst, bringing you a fine selection of all things house music. Lo-Fi meanwhile is crammed full of chill hip-hop and Tranquilize matches it for relaxed vibes.

Whether you’re looking to get fired up for the weekend or want a cosy soundtrack to help get you through an evening of admin, our playlists have got you covered. Have a listen to twelve top tracks below.

For the chance for your music to appear on one of our in-house playlists, upload your tracks with RouteNote today. We listen to every upload – if we love it, it could be you featuring here on a future Friday!

Kløn, Theodor Rosenberg – Around Me

Kløn - around me

Follow on Instagram: @weareklon

Florence Nevada – Work Bitch

florence nevada - work bitch

Follow on Instagram: @_florence_nevada_

Theodor Rosenberg, Kløn, goodpoison – What A Life

theodor rosenberg - what a life

Follow on Instagram: @theodor.rosenberg

ZecK, Seum Dero, Andrea Hamilton – Sing Free

zeck - sing free

Follow on Instagram: @aka_zeck

REZarin, Bass Motions, Franko Keys – Once More

rezarin - once more

Follow on Instagram: @rezarin

Luminoiz – Above The Clouds

luminoiz - above the clouds

Follow on Instagram: @luminoizmusic

coffee? – solace

coffee - solace

Follow on Instagram: @coffee.questionmark

Layzi – Hide & Seek

layzi - hide and seek

Follow on Instagram: @notlayzi

insømnia – Adios

insømnia - adios

Follow on Instagram: @insomnialofi

Rebbel – Stars

rebbel - stars

Follow on Instagram: @rebbelbeats

Slow June – Exeter II (Acoustic)

slow june - Exeter II (Acoustic)

Follow on Instagram: @zackmoses

vlows – Hey, Soul Sister

vlows - hey soul sister

Follow on Instagram: @vlowsmusic

RouteNote’s New Music Releases 5th November 2021: The best new dance music, lo-fi, and more to take you into Autumn

We’re bringing you another week’s worth of hits with the new additions to our four in-house, curated playlists.

It’s Friday, you know the drill! New Music Friday marks the best day of the week as artists around the world drop new classics, the bangers of parties to come, and tracks that will stay with us for years. Every Friday we curate our very own selection of the best music coming through RouteNote on our playlists.

For those looking for big energy to power them through we’ll get you hooked on Hooked, our playlist for the best in high tempo, bouncing dance music. For the electronic music lovers who might not necessarily want to get up and dance the night away, Catalyst offers the finest selection of dance, house, and chilled house.

When it comes to chilling out, relaxing, or getting some work done then we have two unbeatable playlists for you. For the latest and greatest in chilled out hip-hop we have Lo-Fi. Then, for a more general, calming ambience from all genres we are full of relaxing hits on Tranquilize.

To get added to an upcoming New Music Releases post, distribute your music with RouteNote today for free. When your music comes through our team they may select your track for a feature in one of our growing playlists.

Katana Angels – Hung Up

Follow on Instagram: @katanaangels

Guardelion – Middle East

Follow on Instagram: @guardelionmusic

Feel S.Y. – Assassin

Alande – Never Stop

Follow on Instagram: @alandemusic

Follow on Twitter: @alandemusic

Frubi – Missing Your Body

Oku – Live Your Life

Follow on Instagram: @oke__music

Little Dumpling & Dizolve – Blue Escapism (feat. Cloudy Cat)

Navi Cyan – Mind ya own (with LOFI HIP HOP JAZZ MESSENGERS)

One Million Flowers & bennya – You, Me and a Cup of Coffee

Follow on Instagram:

Re:Imagine – Easy On Me (Acoustic Piano Version)

Follow on Instagram: reimagine.songs

Wavey – Be My Hero

Zeeland – Converted Cars

Follow on Instagram: @zeelandofficial

Follow on Twitter: @zeelandofficial

RouteNote’s New Music Releases 29th October 2021: This week’s hottest tracks to start your spooky weekend

Start off the spookiest weekend of the year with twelve sure-fire bangers covering EDM, house, chill, hip-hop and everything in between.

Ignite the Halloween party or stay in and relax with these twelve new songs from some of RouteNote’s most exciting independent artists and labels. Every week we round up the best music being uploaded to stores and streaming services via RouteNote.

Each track has been added to one of our four playlists: Hooked with high tempo, motivational dance music, Catalyst with dance, house and chill house music, Lo-Fi with chilled hip-hop, and Tranquilize with easy listening music. If any of them sound like your vibe or something you want to listen to more of, give them a follow on Spotify or Deezer.

To get added to an upcoming New Music Releases post, distribute your music with RouteNote today for free. Our moderation team listen to every song submitted, looking for the next big artist.

Jamie Nugent – Still On It

Follow on Instagram: jamienugentmusic

Follow on Twitter: @jamienugentt

Clouded. – Love Got You

Follow on Instagram: itsclouded

Bisken, Niklas Dee – Goosebumps

Follow on Instagram: bisken

Follow on Twitter: @biskenmusic

Menk Cutler, ReVine – How To Party (Boom Boom Boom Boom)

Follow on Instagram: cutlermenk

Follow on Twitter: @menk_cutler

Britto, Annamarie Rosanio – Still Not Mine (Julian Bates Remix)

Follow on Instagram: brittomusicofficial

Follow on Instagram: annamarierosanio

Sofuu, mididuck – Positions

Follow on Instagram: sofuu_tofu

Follow on Twitter: @1Sofuu1

Al Mijn Vrienden – Bloemen

Follow on Instagram: almijnvrienden

Follow on Twitter: @almijnvrienden

Cosmic Koala – Coco Mambo

Coolum – A Time Of Soul

Follow on Instagram: coolummusic

Follow on Twitter: @Coolummusic

Shangbock, Dizolve – Abstraction

teksturie, fauxpas – futryna

Follow on Instagram: teksturie

Borrtex – Soulagem

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Follow on Twitter: @Borrtex

RouteNote’s New Music Releases 22nd October 2021: Twelve tracks to fire up your Friday

Listen up for some of the best new music from RouteNote artists heading onto our curated playlists this weekend.

Friday is here and we’re back at it again showing you the best new releases uploaded by independent artists to RouteNote this week. These 12 stomping tracks are heading onto our curated playlists.

We’ve got four fabulous in-house playlists for your eager ears. Hooked will ensnare you with its upbeat rhythms, Catalyst is your go-to for everything House music related, Lo-Fi is a great mix for studying to, and Tranquilize is a selection of the chillest new tracks.

Every song that appears on our playlists was released by the artist via RouteNote distribution. Want to be featured? Upload your songs with RouteNote for free, and you could see your song on a future New Music Friday playlist. We can’t wait to hear your tracks!

Uplink, KENO – Mi Gente

First up on our Hooked playlist is “Mi Gente,” featuring super-catchy synth and vocal lines and a dark beat built for when the sun drops out of sight and you’re ready to head for the club.

KIRE – Let Me Tell You Something

With a classic dance track piano chord sequence and soulful vocal loop, “Let Me Tell You Something” with get your heart racing. Great for a workout.

Tommy Loude – Eternal

Our final choice from Hooked this week switches between ghostly vibes to a pumping beat, an eerie atmosphere rippling throughout.

Vexento – Flashback

Next up, our Catalyst playlist. A RouteNote favourite, Vexento always brings the party vibes. “Flashback” is no different, dropping fun music box melodies one minute and dancefloor-ready builds the next.

 SouMix, Solina – When The Party’s Over

Whack up the volume on this. SouMix gives the Billie Eilish smash “When The Party’s Over” a dramatic makeover, with bass that smacks down in between 20-year-old Solina’s gorgeous vocal.

Sönnefelt, Joan Alasta – Ocean

Joan Alasta’s rich, passionate singing voice blends dreamily with Sönnefelt’s inventive production in “Ocean,” our final choice from our Catalyst mix.

Peaceful Melody, soave lofi – She Will Be Loved

Now let’s explore three tracks from our Lo-Fi mix. First up, this version of the early noughties Maroon 5 classic “She Will Be Loved” is so laid-back its horizontal. Bet you’ll still sing along with the melody from the tranquil guitar though.

golden era – No Where (lofi version)

Don’t get up – keep on relaxing with this short but sweet instrumental version of YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s track “No Where” from the master of lo-fi cover tracks, golden era.

Emmanuel Nova, Homedown – Just Remember One Day

The final highlight from the Lo-Fi playlist sees Emmanuel Nova and Homedown joining forces for a lovely slice of lofi hip-hop.

Coolum – Bliss

Keep those chill vibes as we head into our Tranquilize mix. “Bliss” will definitely put a big grin on your face, from the cheerful banjo introduction to the skipping drumbeat.

Sam Ojalvo – Swimming Circles

Sam Ojalvo’s dreamy guitar licks shimmer through “Swimming Circles,” another cracker for our Tranquilize mix.

Wavey – In My Darkness

We’re closing out the playlist highlights this week with “In My Darkness,” featuring layers of murmured vocals, a spinning piano line and lurking synths which are both gentle and build up the anticipation.  

RouteNote’s New Music Releases 15th October 2021: Eleven songs to get the weekend started

Here are 11 of the best new songs from RouteNote artists to brighten your Friday – turn that music up loud!

Hello, weekend! It’s Friday and that means a whole load of new music going onto our RouteNote playlists.

RouteNote’s in house playlists are crammed full of great tracks. Every week we hand-pick songs for our four playlists – HookedCatalystLo-Fi, and Tranquilize.

Each mix captures a different mood to suit however you’re feeling and whatever mischief you’re getting up to this weekend. Below are 11 of the best tracks hitting the playlists this Friday.

All these fabulous featured artists chose RouteNote to distribute their music. For the chance to get your music on our in house playlists, upload your songs with RouteNote today – it’s free.

Lorenz Koin, Bromage – Pulling Me Under

The first pick from our Hooked playlist of high-tempo tracks is “Pulling Me Under,” featuring catchy melodies and a motivational beat.

SP3CTRUM, Stephen Geisler – The Way

Next up from Hooked is “The Way.” Handclaps keep the pace up whilst the ominous bass builds the excitement to push you into the weekend.

Rydhen, Pold Castin – C90

Rydhen and Pold Castin are ready to help you prepare for the club with a build that’ll get your blood pumping. Turn up the bass to embrace that pulsing synth hook.

Marin Hoxha – Particle

Heading into our Catalyst playlist now for some House gems. The shimmering loops of “Particle” would be a great soundtrack for your leisurely weekend jog.

Pawoh – Sunset

Next, loosen up with the swinging beat and chill vibe of Pawoh’s “Sunset,” the next tune from our Catalyst playlist.

Rolipso, PYASTA, imallryt – Show Me

Get everyone up and moving with the final selection from our Catalyst mix. Those vocal layers and haunting harmonies contrast cleverly with the charged upbeat flow.

creamy, untrusted, 11:11 Music Group – spooky, scary skeletons (lofi mix)

Didn’t you hear? Spooky season’s here, and the children’s tune “Spooky, Scary Skeletons” has been reshaped into a funky and jazzy lo-fi track. Taken from our Lo-Fi playlist. Hallowe’en, but cute.

simmerdown – stabs duty

The final track chosen from our Lo-Fi playlist comes from one of the RouteNote team! Yep, lots of us are musicians too. But we’re not playing favourites by including rising female producer simmerdown this week – hit play and you’ll understand why “stabs duty” made the cut.

Vannorte – Lotusland

Last up, three tracks from our Tranquilize mix. Press play on “Lotusland” on Monday and let the graceful guitar set you on a relaxed course for the week ahead.

Ace Gordon – MohicanNIGHTS (Chillout Mix)

Next, Ace Gordon’s track has a good groove but also an easy listening feel that fits right in on our Tranquilize playlist.

Seyu, Padre Tóxico – For A Real One

And lastly on Tranquilize, the captivating “For A Real One” opens with a shuffling drum rhythm before heading down twisting avenues of RnB, soul and hip-hop.

RouteNote’s New Music Releases 8th October 2021: Twelve huge new tracks to take you into the weekend, for any mood

It’s that time again! Friday means a whole array of brand new magic populating our four in-house playlists from RouteNote and some of the greatest artists using RouteNote.

Who could argue that Friday isn’t the best day of the week? It doesn’t only signal that the weekend is here but thanks to New Music Friday it means we’re treated to new tunes every week. As always, Friday also means that we’re updating our Hooked, Catalyst, Lo-Fi, and Tranquilize playlists with the greatest in new tunes coming through RouteNote.

We have a special selection from Ahrix, Axero, Florence Nevada, Mister Decaf, Lunar Isles, and more fantastic music makers this week. We have your playlist for the night sorted whether you’re looking to get up and dance the night away or settle down in the low lights – so come along and listen with us!

For your chance to feature in RouteNote’s playlists and our New Music posts here on the blog and our social media pages, simply upload your music to RouteNote and we’ll be in touch if we pick out your tracks.

Florence Nevada – Get Shaky

A big bass banger is exactly what we need to enter the night with on a Friday evening. Florence Nevada has given us exactly that with a tune of pure, ground-shaking goodness.

CPYRGHT, Dani King – Mixed Signals

You know what’s not giving me mixed signals? How huge a track this is. CPYRGHT never pulls punches when it comes to making an anthem that is just at home in the club as it is in the car on the way to the club – turned all the way up.

Glamii, Fyex, Daveepa – Stay (feat. Iziya)

Do 3 artists make a song 3 times as good? If this re-imagining of Justin Bieber’s Stay is anything to go by then hell yes!

Ahrix, Piram – Our Reason

Ahrix always provides the goods; the goods being a track that manages to be at the same time beautiful, melancholic, and heart-warmingly energetic. Yes we’ll happily say it: We love Ahrix!

Coolum – Across The Universe

There’s no um-ing about this track, it’s cool. Think spacey, large open sounds with a bone-rattling bass and you’ve got Across The Universe in mind.

Axero – Feels Good

Oh Axero, you’re so good to us. The Summer season may be in the rear view mirror by now but thanks to this gorgeous, happy track the sun is still shining where we’re sat.

sleebo – puddle

So you’re looking for some vibes, huh? Well here you go, sleebo has you covered. You may recognise the vocal sample from a certain fantastic film adaption by that little known producer… Stanley Kubrick. – Tetris Theme (lofi version)

You definitely know the iconic track this is based upon; it’s only from that small game called Tetris! You’ve never heard it like this before though, that’s for sure.

Mister Decaf, soave lofi – Blonde Vanilla Latte

This feels to me like sitting by a pool with a sweet and fruity cocktail as the crickets serenade me and the sun is slowly eclipsed by the horizon, painting the pool a brilliant orange. Where does it take you?

Eudlo – Galaxy

Looking for a smooth, relaxing track to take you into the night? Eudlo is offering a galaxy-sized soundscape with this stunner.

førever, Esydia – simple thoughts.

A gentle piano piece with all the relaxation of the very best that lo-fi hip-hop beats have to offer. This is perfect for chilling out to.

Lunar Isles – Anchorage

Dreamy, poppy, rocky, summer days on the beach feelings. This is the low-down relaxing guitar music we’ll be soothing ourselves with come Sunday evening.

RouteNote’s New Music Releases 24th September 2021: twelve top new tracks from RouteNote artists

Here we have a cracking selection of exciting new releases for you to explore. They’re going straight across RouteNote’s four curated playlists this week.

Each week, RouteNote’s four curated playlists get refreshed with a batch of tasty new releases. We’re always excited to hear the new tracks uploaded to RouteNote before we send them out across the globe.

Our playlists show off some of the finest artists who release music through RouteNote. The four mixes are Hooked, which brings the party, Catalyst with a selection of house music from mellow to pumping, Lo-Fi for chilled hip-hop beats, and finally the easy listening vibes of Tranquilize.

Here’s a selection of twelve of songs that pricked up our ears and made it onto the RouteNote playlists this week.

NALYRO, Edward Snellen – Wolves

Kicking off our Hooked playlist this Selena Gomez cover is perfect for a workout. Get going on the treadmill with a dramatic booming bass drum hit. The delicate vocal is taken on a rollercoaster by the energising bass and atmospheric synth lines.

Swanky Tunes – Never Slow Down

Another great workout track to keep you motivated. “Never Slow Down” opens with gentle acoustic guitar before the steady beat kicks in. That melody will stick in your head, too.

Slydee – Activate My Love

Get pumped for the weekend with this huge high speed dance track from RouteNote’s Hooked playlist. The wild tempo is kept under control by echoing finger clicks and a catchy instrumental line.

JB Hain – moment

Drop it down several gears now and let JB Hain take you on a journey. From our Catalyst playlist, “moment” starts with gentle piano and graduates to glitchy verses, with thumping bass and muted piano slipping in and out.

Know You – Alone with You

Another glitchy treat for our Catalyst playlist. Retro video game sounds mix featuring a dreamy but unsettling vocal from Emily Davina.

NO-VA – Lend Me Your Heart

We’re closing up our Catalyst selections in style with “Lend Me Your Heart,” with an epic orchestral opening that folds into an emotional electronic extravaganza.

Sweet Oscar – A Swing Thing

Heading into the relaxing realms of our Lo-Fi playlist next. “A Swing Thing” skips along with a jazz lilt, a lovely accompaniment to pottering around the house.

golden era – Thats What I Want (lofi version)

The Lil Nas X track “THATS WHAT I WANT” is slowed way down by golden era and replaced with a lofi hip-hop vibe, keeping the catchy tune but repackaging it as an instrumental that’s perfect for helping you to study.

Cloudy Cat – Lofi Lullaby

A cheerful, cute instrumental from Cloudy Cat, “Lofi Lullaby” has chilled video game vibes, rounding off our Lo-Fi selections for this week.

Warmseat, Borrtex – Walking Alone

Finally we have three tracks from the relax-tastic Tranquilize playlist. Taken from the Feuilles EP, this is a perfect track to stroll around to as the air turns autumnal.

Dreamy Kid – cold air

Gorgeous guitar and a gentle beat make “cold air” a great song to wind down to at the end of a frantic day.

Seyu – Dancer

The final RouteNote track we’re shining a light on this week is “Dancer,” with soulful vocals from Seyu that lie in beautiful layers over the menacing beat.

Want to see your music featured on our playlists? Sign up with RouteNote today to get your tracks online for free.

RouteNote’s New Music Releases 17th September 2021: Twelve belting tracks for you

We’re back again with yet another twelve new tracks released through RouteNote that are essential listening.

It’s that time of the week again where we tantalize your ears with the prospect of more great new music that has been distributed through RouteNote (for free). We’ve selected our favorites and added them to our in-house playlists.

The following tracks have been added to RouteNote’s exciting new Spotify playlists: Catalyst specializing in dance and chill house, Lo-Fi our chilled hip-hop relaxation playlist, Hooked with high tempo, motivational dance music, and the mellow treasure trove Tranquilize.

Jordan Schor – The Fool

Great vocals accompanied by anthemic and emotive beats, a great addition to our Hooked Playlist.

Hanzy – sex money feelings die

A dance track with a hook so large you could hang your coat off it, a fine addition to the Hooked playlist.


A slow burner that rewards the listener, as it cascades towards the culminating drop, you pulled into the energetic sounds of STRAYVER.

Gypsey Woman – Third Vibes

An anthemic dance track that is guaranteed to get you moving, a brilliant track for the Catalyst playlist.

Miscris – Boom Clap

A fun, energetic, dance track that is oozing in good vibes. Do yourself a favour and get this one on repeat via our Catalyst playlist.

Tommy Loude – Nostalgia

Get your fix of some deep house with Tommy Loude’s latest release ‘Nostalgia’. This truly brings the vibe to our Catalyst playlist.

Temple – Cool Summer

Peaceful, tranquil, and pleasant are just three words to describe Temple’s latest single ‘Cool Summer’. Now available on our LoFi playlist.

Flex – Without You LoFi Mix

A wonderful example of LoFi that uses subtle beats to create a warm atmosphere. Perfect for our LoFi playlist.

METAHESH – I’m Lonely But Not Inside

A subtly wonderful track that creates a real cinematic sonic aura, one to be enjoyed with earphones on a nighttime walk.

Slow June – Exeter II

A psychedelic and experimental piece of music that is wonderfully infectious, check it out now on the Tranquilize playlist.

Hijo Unico – Arquitectura

Get whisked away to sleepy land with this wonderfully relaxed release from Hijo Unico. Listen today on our Tranquilize playlist.

The Skating Party – Seventeen cages

Psychedelic art house indie pop to soothe your ears, thanks to The Skating Party. Check it out on our Tranquilize playlist.

RouteNote’s New Music Releases 10th September 2021: the best twelve new tracks from RouteNote’s very own

Whether you’re planning on spending this week chilling, studying, working or partying, we’ve got something for everyone this week.

Every day at RouteNote we listen to thousands of new tracks from artists around the world. Every week RouteNote’s specialists hand pick and put together the best new songs from up-and-coming artists. This week’s selection includes top artists such as Glaceo, Robbe, Emi Flemming, golden era, DENNICK and more.

All twelve tracks are going straight into our Spotify and Deezer playlists: Hooked with high tempo dance music, Catalyst for the best dance and house tracks, Lo-Fi full of chilled hip-hop songs, and Tranquilize perfect for easy listening music.

To get your music on all major streaming services for free and maybe even feature on a future New Music Releases post, distribute your music to RouteNote today.

Glaceo – Pretty Savage

Added to our Hooked playlist, Italian producer Glaceo today drops his bounce remix of Pretty Savage, originally by K-pop band BLACKPINK.

Robbe, DENNICK, Emi Flemming – Work From Home

Another remix, this time of Work From Home by Fifth Harmony featuring Ty Dolla Sign. The remix comes from Finnish EDM and slap house artist Robbe, and Italian house and bounce producer DENNICK, with vocals from Austrian artist Emi Flemming. The track is the perfect blend of EDM, future and house to ignite the party.

JKAY – You & I

Also getting added to our Hooked playlist, You & I is the new house banger from London-based producer and DJ JKAY.

OKVRU – Losing Control

Crossing over to the first of our three songs being added to Catalyst, EDM hit Losing Control comes from Indian electronic producer OKVRU.

Coolum – No Regrets

Also sliding in to Catalyst, No Regrets is the new huge future bass track from British producer Coolum.

Dyssa – Moment

Our last track getting to Catalyst this week comes from the brand new EP Moment / Illusion. Moment from Belarusian producer Dyssa is a progressive/melodic house tune to get you pumped for the weekend.

oween., alhivi – by the river

Another track from a new EP, this time by the river from the EP of the same name by Italian chill/lo-fi producer alhivi and oween. is a silky smooth track getting added to our Lo-Fi playlist.

adi. – scars/stiches

Fitting right in with our Lo-Fi playlist, scars/stiches comes from electronic chill Indian producer adi.

golden era – Jail (lofi version)

golden era is a producer that’s no stranger to remixing hip-hop songs in a lo-fi style. Jail (lofi version) is a remix of Jail from Kanye West featuring Jay-Z off the new album Donda.

METAHESH – I’m Lonely but Not Inside

Heading over to our newest playlist Tranquilize, the first track this week I’m Lonely but Not Inside comes from Russian electronic producer METAHESH.

Little Dumpling – Home Live Laugh

With a super chilled beat, Home Live Laugh is the second track from Tranquilize, coming from new producer Little Dumpling.

Lullaby, Chillroom, soave lofi – Nenuphar

Our final track on Tranquilize and our final track altogether this week comes from Lullaby and Chillroom on the label Soave lo-fi. Nenuphar is a chillhop beat, perfect for helping you relax or study.