Image Credit: Spotify

As part of Spotify’s Back to Live initiative, check out these tips and tricks for getting back to playing live shows after pandemic restrictions lift.

As pandemic restrictions ease, transition from avoiding live shows to playing concerts again doesn’t have to be a rocky one for artists. Spotify has offered some wise advice for how artists can use the existing tools from Spotify for Artists to promote their shows and return to playing live with a (safe) bang.

We’ve gathered a few highlights from their tips and tricks below.

Tour planning with Spotify for Artists

Artists can use Spotify for Artists’ Top Cities to help map out the locations where they’re going to tour, so they can jump back on the road as soon as they’re ready and the world is able to hear them again.

The data from Top Cities can also help artists to see which songs would be the most popular on a setlist, based on who listens to which songs where.

Update Spotify Artist Pick

Image Credit: Spotify

Artists can use their profile to promote upcoming shows as concerts start getting booked into their newly relaunched schedule. Spotify advises choosing an Artist Pick that includes tour dates, a custom playlist, or image of the setlist of that long awaited first gig.

Use your Spotify Canvas Video

Spotify suggests that artists change their Spotify Canvases to show highlights of previous tours as a way to remind fans of how fantastic watching live music can be.

The looping visuals can be shared outside of Spotify to reel in Instagram Story watchers, drawing them to the music and the fact that the artist is finally going back on tour.

Merch ideas

Feeling out of touch with what merch sells well on tour? Spotify for Artist data can help artists work out what merch would be best to bring along to sell at specific shows, based on factors like the location of fans who have bought the most items in the past.

Spotify for Artists has also made some changes and rolled out new tools to help artists get back on the road as restrictions ease – check them out here.

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