Spotify’s Singles have been streamed 5 billion times

The Spotify Single series, which features artists re-recording their song and covering another track, continues to be hugely popular and has now reached 5 billion total streams.

How to release music on Spotify

You’ve finished your tracks and now you want your music out in the world. But how do you upload music to Spotify?

Spotify introduce three new ways for artists and fans to share music and podcasts on social media

Spotify globally update their iOS and Android apps to make it easier than ever to share your favourite track or podcast episode.

Spotify Hits One Billion Android Installations

Spotify has passed one billion downloads on Android, doubling in two years.

Apple Music Hi-Fi Tier Rumoured To Appear Within Weeks and Will Launch With AirPods 3

Apple Music are planning to launch their high-fidelity audio streaming tier in conjunction with the AirPods 3.

How many people listen to Spotify?

Spotify’s Q1 2021 report shows how many millions of people use the streaming service each month.

How many subscribers does Spotify have?

Spotify’s Q1 2021 report shows how many millions of people are paying subscribers of the streaming service.

Spotify update ‘Your Library’ with a new layout and features

The new ‘Your Library’ makes browsing your music and podcasts, faster and easier with search, dynamic filters, sorting, pins and a grid view.

Spotify’s Q1 2021 report shows 356m monthly active users and 158m subscribers

Spotify published their first quarter 2021 financial results yesterday, showing user and subscriber growth.

Spotify are reportedly considering taking action against Joe Rogan’s comments on the COVID vaccine

Spotify may take action against Joe Rogan’s comments on vaccinating younger people from COVID-19 in a recent episode with Dave Smith.