Spotify offers a Soundtrap and Spotify Premium discount bundle for artists

If you’re wondering how to get Spotify cheaper – and you also happen to be a musician – check out this new Soundtrap bundle.

Advertising music on Spotify with Spotify Marquee is now available for more artists

Spotify for Artists Marquee campaigns have just arrived for all music artists, labels and managers in the US.

Top 5 most followed K-pop artists on Spotify in 2022

K-pop is a genre that is dominating across the globe and Spotify is one of the best places to find South Korean artists. Here are the 5 top K-pop groups in 2022.

New data in Spotify for Artists shows where your streams come from

Spotify’s new ‘Made to Be Found’ site details how fans discover music. ‘Source of Streams’ in Spotify for Artists personalizes this data.

Over 100 billion hours of music were streamed on Spotify in 2021, plus more artist stats

Spotify for Artists’ Year in Music: Wrapped microsite is a new interactive journey through the collective wins that artists had in 2021.

How to switch language on Spotify for Artists

Spotify for Artists is now available in 16 new languages, helping more artists than ever customize their profile, access statistics and more.

How to view and share your Spotify 2021 Wrapped for Artists

Your 2021 Wrapped for Artists is waiting for you, even if you haven’t yet claimed for Spotify for Artists account.

How to structure songs – according to Spotify (video)

Check out this Spotify for Artists video on songwriting for beginners, getting you started with a songwriter template.

Spotify Marquee increases streams on older releases by 3x

Spotify’s sponsored recommendations not only boost the streams of your promoted release, but also impact other releases from your catalog.

Spotify Promo Cards update adds new features

After listening to artist feedback, Spotify has announced three updates to Spotify for Artists Promo Cards.