Sell merch on your artist page with Shopify now on Spotify for Artists

Spotify for Artists now offers artists the ability to add merchandise to their Spotify artist pages.

Spotify sells SoundBetter – back to SoundBetter

Spotify has sold SoundBetter music marketplace back to its founders, two years after buying it from them.

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Guadeloupe, Martinique and Aruba are among the 15 new places Spotify is launching in the Caribbean.

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How to claim my Spotify artists account

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Introducing Sparkline, a new data tool for Spotify

UK based tech agency Decimal has launched Sparkline, a tool designed to provide Spotify listening data to a wider audience.

Tips for returning to playing live music from Spotify for Artists

As part of Spotify’s Back to Live initiative, check out these tips and tricks for getting back to playing live shows after pandemic restrictions lift.