How to upload a song to Spotify

Getting your music onto Spotify is super easy with RouteNote and more importantly FREE!

How Spotify’s Fan Study can inform your next release

By analyzing data across Spotify, Fan Study shows creators how fans around the world listen to and discover music online.

Spotify launch Fan Study, 15 new insights to help artists and teams with their Reach, Engagement, Release and Merch

By analyzing data across Spotify, Fan Study is an interactive site that provides key insights to help artists grow and connect with fans.

Get music career advice from famous artists in new Spotify podcasts

The Best Advice video series, in which artists pass on the best piece of advice they’ve ever received, has been relaunched by Spotify in a longer podcast form.

How To Add Your Own Music To Spotify

So, you’ve got your music recorded and finalised and now you’re probably thinking “how do I add my music to Spotify”, let us help you!

How do I create a Marquee on Spotify?

Image Credit: Spotify Spotify for Artists have a handy guide showing how to create a Marquee to promote new releases on the platform. Earlier this week Spotify announced the rollout of its campaign management tool,…

Spotify announces rollout of new campaign management tool

Marquee is rolling out to all US teams through beta testing of campaign management tool in Spotify for Artists to help target potential fans.

Spotify Overhauls Its Desktop App and Web Player

Spotify updates and adds new features to its desktop app and web player.

Spotify Unveils ‘Loud and Clear’ A Detailed Guide To Its Royalty Payment System

Spotify is aiming to give its users more transparency to as how their royalty payment system operates.

K-Pop Returns To Spotify After Licensing Dispute Is Settled With Kakao Entertainment

Spotify has announced that has reached an agreement with Kakao Entertainment, meaning hundreds of K-Pop tracks will be returning to the streaming platform.