Spotify Podcast Listeners Are Predicted To Top Apple’s For The First Time In 2021

It’s a gamble that Spotify investors have been waiting to pay off and it’s looking like it may be about to in 2021 and beyond.

You can now pitch to Spotify’s playlists on the Spotify for Artists mobile app

Previously only available on the desktop site, you are now able to submit your track for playlist consideration right from your phone.

Three artists who saw over 100k monthly listeners from their first year on Spotify

Spotify for Artists interviewed breakthrough artists Jenevieve, glaive and Emanuel about the success from their first year on the streaming platform.

Spotify recap their year of helping artists grow and engage with their fan bases

In light of live events around the world ceasing, Spotify run down some of the ways they’ve helped artists boost their fan base and engage online.

Spotify say over 60k artists surpassed 100k monthly listeners in 2020

Spotify’s post recapping the year for artists reveals two interesting stats that shows the growth in number of large artists on the platform.

Your Spotify 2020 Artist Wrapped is ready – see how far your music has grown this year

Image credit: Spotify See your musical milestones in 2020 and connect with the fans that stream your music, by sharing your achievements on social media with sharecards. Spotify’s Wrapped for Artists celebrates your year’s highlights…

Where Can I See My Spotify Statistics?

There are a few places an artist or a record label can see their Spotify statistics. Firstly, you can check out your Spotify for Artists for real time statistics across your discography – which includes…

How to find your Spotify URL

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How to add a song to Spotify

Getting your songs on Spotify is easy with RouteNote. We even make it free to earn money from every stream and get your music worldwide. At RouteNote, we offer free distribution to the world’s favourite…

How to get the blue verified tick on Spotify

Getting verified on Spotify for Artists gives your artist profile a blue tick, allows you to customise your page and view live stats. Getting verified on Spotify lets your fans know your artist page belongs…