Spotify Marquee increases streams on older releases by 3x

Spotify’s sponsored recommendations not only boost the streams of your promoted release, but also impact other releases from your catalog.

How you can drive 2x more streams on your Spotify releases

There are many ways to increase your streams on Spotify from good marketing to making friends in a community of artists. Did you know you could increase how many plays you’re getting straight from your Spotify for Artists account?

What is a Spotify Marquee campaign?

Find out how to book a Spotify ads campaign using Spotify’s Marquee marketing tool, to put your new music in front of the listeners most likely to stream it.

Spotify Marquee is launching in the UK & Ireland on May 28th

Spotify’s campaign tool will soon allow artists and labels to promote new releases to audiences in the UK and Ireland.

How do I create a Marquee on Spotify?

Image Credit: Spotify Spotify for Artists have a handy guide showing how to create a Marquee to promote new releases on the platform. Earlier this week Spotify announced the rollout of its campaign management tool,…

Spotify announces rollout of new campaign management tool

Marquee is rolling out to all US teams through beta testing of campaign management tool in Spotify for Artists to help target potential fans.

Spotify add Singles marketing to their Marquee tool for all artists

Spotify Marquee allows artists to easily promote albums and EPs. Now artists can market their singles to listeners most likely to fall in love with their music.

How to apply for Spotify Marquee to amplify your new music

Spotify have opened up their Marquee marketing tool, allowing any artists and label to apply to promote their new releases. Spotify’s latest controversial ‘pay-for-plays’ program lets artist and labels effectively buy listeners, advertising new albums…