With Fan Links on Push.fm, you can link your followers to all of your different social media profiles with one beautiful, fully customizable, free landing page.

Fan Links on our partner site Push.fm were designed to link your fans to multiple different online music stores and streaming services, but will full customization available, Fan Links can be used in a variety of ways.

Here’s how to consolidate all of your social media profiles into one custom URL:

Step One

Login to Push.fm, click Create New Campaign – Fan Link.

Step 1

Step Two

If you’re linking to a track, enter the URL here. As I’m linking to social media profiles, I’ll leave this one blank. Click Next Step.

Step 2

Step Three

Enter a title such as “Follow me”, put your name in the Artist field, enter a custom URL (or leave it blank for a random one) and upload a feature image such as a logo or headshot. Click Next Step.

Step 3

Step Four

Enter the social media platform into the Service Name box. All major platforms will already have a logo ready for you. If not, you can upload a custom image here. Put your URL in the Service URL box and pick a Button Text or enter Custom Text such as “Follow”. Click Next Step.

Step 4

Step Five

Type a Campaign Name so you can easily find it later. Click Launch Campaign.

Step 5

Step Six

Add the link to the bio of all of your social profiles, so fans can find you across platforms. Here my example.

Step 6