All artists on Spotify have access to the huge artist platform, but how do the biggest pop stars use those tools to advance their music?

Spotify for Artists is a celebrated music platform. It gives artists of all sizes a wealth of tools for customising their presence on Spotify, promotional tools, and even strategies that artists can take off platform.

There are self-explanatory features, like profile customisation options. But, with so many tools, how are the top artists using what’s on offer in Spotify for Artists to progress their careers to the next step?

Spotify have worked with esteemed singer-songwriter Laufey to show 7 methods she used on Spotify for Artists for her new release. We’ll cover the methods Laufey used in chronological order from pre-release to after her new release had dropped.

1. Launch a Countdown Page with Clips

Count down to the second your release drops with this new feature from Spotify. It places a timer on top of your release page so that fans can get excited. Whilst they’re there, Spotify users can pre-save the release to their library in advance of release.

Add Clips to your release to announce and talk about the release, giving listeners content to connect with you through.

New Countdown Pages guarantee a Spotify presave for new music releases

2. Pitch to playlist editors

You can pitch your unreleased music to Spotify’s in-house curators. This puts your music up for consideration in Spotify’s top playlists, pushing it to millions of new potential listeners if chosen.

You must pitch your release to editors at least 2 weeks in advance of the release date, the earlier the better.

3. Upload Canvas videos

Add Canvas videos to your tracks before the release date. These looping clips bring a new visual dimension to your music and are capable of building on the aesthetic and theme of your release.

Canvas videos can be entirely unique clips or an extract from your music video. It’s totally up to you! Canvas videos engage listeners more than just a regular, static artwork.

4. Make your release unmissable with Marquee

Once your release is out, it’s time to start spreading the word. Marquee is a paid promotional feature that advertises your release with a promo card. Spotify identifies the best target audience for your music so that your Marquee reaches the right potential listeners.

5. Pin your new release using Artist Pick

Artist Pick allows you to select something to highlight at the top of your artist page. With a new release, it’s the perfect choice to place right at the top to ensure that new visitors and returning fans can dive straight into your latest drop.

6. Use Clips to expand the world of your release

Add video clips to your release with Spotify Clips. You can expand upon the world of your release by telling the stories behind your music and revealing more about you as an artist to connect with fans on a deeper level.

7. List your merch alongside your music

You can easily add merchandise to your artist page. Release merch with branding from your new release to get fans hyped and spread the word on the clothes and accessories that your listeners take out into the world.

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