Image Credit: Spotify

Newly announced Countdown Pages build up excitement around a presave on Spotify. Here’s how they work for artists and users.

Spotify has revealed new feature Countdown Pages, an on-platform Spotify pre save campaign helping artists to build up hype for an upcoming music release.

After testing with the likes of Taylor Swift and Paramore, Spotify will now gradually roll out Countdown Pages to all artists globally. Announced at Spotify’s 2023 Stream On event, Countdown Pages let artists set a timer counting down to their new release, along with other momentum-building features that prompt a pre save.

What does pre saving on Spotify do? A pre-save automatically adds the release to a user’s Spotify so they don’t have to hunt it out on release day, acting as a reminder to stream it immediately. According to Spotify over 80% of users who pre save a release stream the album within the first week.

How do Spotify Countdown Pages work?

Ed Sheeran’s – album is a good example of a Countdown Page
  • To find a Countdown Page, head to an artist’s profile and tap on Upcoming Releases.
  • In a single page, fans can pre-save the album, pre-order merch, and preview the track listing.
  • Artists can also post video Clips revealing behind-the-scenes facts about the making of the release.

For artists, a Countdown Page streamlines the promotion of a new release, pushing streams in the first week of release, allowing free promotion within the Spotify platform rather than on social media and elsewhere.

Fans are left in no doubt when new music will be coming out and can discover more about the songs right there on Spotify.

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