How to change your Artist Pick on your Spotify profile

Your Artist Pick is your chance to feature music at the top of your artist page whether it’s one of your releases you want to highlight or someone else’s that you’re loving and want to share.

Once your music is up and streaming on Spotify you’ll have your very own artist page. If you haven’t already, take control of your profile through Spotify for Artists to gain real-time insights on your music performance and full control over your page.

With access to your profile through Spotify for Artists you can now customise your page including your Artist Pick. This is your chance to feature music of your choice whether it’s artists you love or your own releases.

Spotify’s handy video below shows you quickly and easily exactly what you want to do.

To have a Spotify artist profile you will need at least one release that has been uploaded to Spotify, even if it isn’t live and is schedule for release.

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