Image credit: Spotify

Spotify’s brand new merch hub boosts your sales beyond the music with a new way to connect with your fans and earn revenue.

Spotify have launched a personalised hub for artist merch where listeners can explore what’s on offer from all of their favourite artists. The streaming service has helped fans connect beyond streaming in recent years with concert listings and merchandise sections.

Spotify have found merchandise to be a massive source of extra revenue for artists, particularly through their platform. Firstly, they have a huge platform full of music lovers heading to find their favourite artists pages. Then, they’re able to present the top items to those fans whilst they’re browsing their music.

To help improve sales for artists, Spotify have launched a brand new Merch Hub in the Spotify app. The new hub offers listeners a store full of recommendations based on their listening habits, so they can browse the clothing, accessories, and other items that are most relevant to them.

This will hopefully be a massive boost to sales for artists. The new hub encourages listeners to shop for merch more than from just a section on artist pages. Users can easily browse the top item listings from all their favourite artists and click on them to learn more and buy them.

Image credit: Spotify

Spotify found last year that the week after Spotify Wrapped saw the highest-grossing merchandise sales in the history of merch sales on the music streamer. This year, as well as the new merch hub, Spotify are giving artists a chance to offer discounts to their top fans when they open their Wrapped to promote greater sales.

Listeners can now find their own, personalised shop by searching ‘Merch’ on the Spotify app. A new tile will also appear on the app allowing users to click through to the hub from there instead. Alternatively, you can simple click here to go to the Merch Hub.

Artists can find out how to use Spotify’s partnership with Shopify to get their branded items on their artist pages and the new dedicated Merch hub here. We recommend getting your merch set up with Spotify as soon as possible to take advantage of the increased sales potential to come during Spotify Wrapped’s release.