An update to Apple’s AirPods promises to transform the way users use and listen to their devices this Autumn.

Get ready for some big updates coming to AirPods later this year. Apple have revealed an autumn update that enhances immersion in video games, brings new interactions with Siri, and empowers our interactions with friends and loved ones more.

Using Siri is getting even easier as you can respond to the voice assistant with a simple head nod for yes and a head shake for no. This will enhance your privacy and your ability to use Siri on the go, even when speaking isn’t an option.

Apple say this will be particularly helpful in crowded (or oppositely, quiet) areas where speaking out loud isn’t preferable. Users can use this function to accept or dismiss phone calls, interact with notifications, and more.

To enhance your gaming experiences, Apple are updating AirPods with more immersive audio for games. Personalised Spatial Audio uses dynamic head tracking to put you in an auditory space that feels real and reacts to your movements. This will be available for 3rd generation AirPOds, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max.

For gaming with friends, AirPods Pro will now have “the best wireless audio latency Apple has ever delivered for mobile gaming”. Gaming voice chat on AirPods Pro is also improved by 16-bit, 48kHz audio for enhanced voice quality.

Lastly, AirPods are updating how users can keep in touch with the people close to them. AirPods Pro are introducing Voice Isolation to aid cutting out the noise of the outside world on phone calls and recordings. The feature isolates and enhances voice quality whilst removing significant background noises like wind and crowd chatter.