Here’s a handy list of RouteNote’s wide array of tools designed to help you as an artist grow.

RouteNote Distribution

The first and most import thing to remember is, the more places your music is, the likely you are to be discovered. Get your music on all major stores and streaming services around the world for free with RouteNote distribution.

Social Monetization

When uploading your music to RouteNote you’ll see TikTok, Facebook/Instagram and YouTube Content ID in the ‘Select Stores’ page. These are all designed to help you monetize your music on these social platforms. Select ‘TikTok’ to get your music on the app, select ‘YouTube Content ID’ and ‘Facebook/Instagram’ to monetize any instances of your music on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram videos. Facebook/Instagram will also upload your music to the Stories section of Instagram.

SoundCloud Network

Join our SoundCloud Network and start earning revenue for every play your existing tracks on SoundCloud get. What’s more, your SoundCloud profile will automatically be upgraded to an Unlimited account for free.

YouTube Network

Once you’re part of YouTube’s Partner Programme, you are eligible to join RouteNote’s Multi-Channel Network and start generating revenue for videos on your YouTube channel.

Our partner site is loved by artists as a cheap and easy way to promote their music on social media. currently have three unique tools, all free of charge. Fan links collate all of your music’s stores and streaming services into one landing page, making sharing convenient for all of your fans. Pre-saves give fans an easy way to save your music on their Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer library before it goes live. Pre-saves are also a great way to show off your music to Spotify in the hopes of getting added to top playlists. Content Unlocks let’s fans unlock rewards and exclusive content in exchange for social actions, such as a Subscribe on YouTube or Retweet on Twitter.

We don’t hide any features behind expensive paywalls. All of these tools and many more are available through RouteNote totally free of charge. You keep 85% of the revenue generated through RouteNote’s distribution, or choose Premium distribution for 100%. is also free, and only £4.99 a month for unlimited access to all features.