An analysis of almost a million Instagram Stories reveals valuable data for artists and brands

How many Instagram Stories should I post a day? Should I upload photos or videos? How do Stories perform compared to feed posts?

How to customize your links on Instagram Stories

Instagram just updated Link Stickers on Stories allowing anyone to customize the text and color of their links to better fit their aesthetic.

Instagram test 60-second Stories as they continue to streamline the video experience

Instagram extend Stories from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, as they roll out the feature to a small group of users.

How to add synched lyrics to your Spotify tracks for free

Any artist and songwriter can distribute their lyrics to streaming services and social media platforms like Spotify and Instagram for free.

How Instagram’s new ‘Add Yours’ Story Sticker can increase engagement and exposure to your profile

Instagram’s ‘Add Yours’ Sticker creates a public thread where anyone can browse through or add their own Story.

How to add a link to your Instagram Stories, no matter how many followers you have

After a few months of testing, Instagram confirm they are rolling out Link Stickers to all users globally, regardless of follower count.

Facebook and Instagram launch music for Stories and videos in Poland and Singapore

Facebook and Instagram users in Poland and Singapore are now able to include music from Facebook’s catalogue in their videos and Stories.

How to make my music searchable on Instagram

Your song will show in Instagram Stories and Reels. Any time it’s used in a Post, Story or Reel, you’ll earn revenue.

Instagram are replacing the swipe up with link stickers

“Swipe up for more” will become “tap the link for more” from August 30th, as Instagram retire the swipe up feature in Stories.

Music distribution to Facebook & Instagram – RouteNote and TuneCore compared

Both RouteNote and TuneCore distribute to Facebook & Instagram, however in every instance, RouteNote is better for the artist.