How to upload and attach music to an Instagram Story

With RouteNote we can get your music on to Instagram Stories and many other social media platforms, stores and streaming services for free.

Instagram is testing link sharing via stories for all its users

Instagram is now testing allowing its users share links via their story with the new linking sticker.

Monetize your music on Instagram Reel and Stories

Upload your music to Instagram and Facebook for free and make money every time your music is used in Reels, Stories, and Facebook videos anywhere around the world.

How to get my music on Instagram Story

Want your song on Instagram stories so you can promote your music, and fans can add your track to their own story? Here’s how to add your song to Instagram.

Apple Music adds the ability to share lyrics and music clips on Instagram Stories or iMessage

iOS 14.5 Beta 2 reveals a neat new trick that allows Apple Music users to quickly share lines of lyrics on Instagram Stories.

Are Instagram Stories Changing?

Instagram is currently at war with Tik Tok for dominance and this may lead to some drastic changes on the app.

Why have Spotify introduced stories to their app?

Spotify are testing a new Instagram-like stories feature on their app, but is a music streaming service the right place for stories? Following in the footsteps of many social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat,…

Spotify test stories feature on playlists with behind-the-scenes clips from artists

First debuted in earlier this year, Spotify now expand the feature to some of their most popular playlists, including Christmas Hits and tear drop. Following the success of Snapchat, Instagram and whole bunch of other…

RouteNote users can now share their music on Facebook & Instagram in the Balkans

Facebook have brought music to the Balkans meaning 4 new countries can use music in their Stories, including the music of RouteNote users. Music has been added to Facebook and Instagram in Serbia, Bosnia and…

Facebook adds music to Stories in Estonia, Reels in Austria and Lithuania

Facebook are expanding where users can add music to their content and are bringing Instagram’s new Reels to two new countries. Facebook and Instagram users in Estonia can now add music to their content. Making…