How do I submit my music to Spotify playlists for free?

We make it free and simple to get your music onto Spotify and here’s how you can send your music to their playlist makers when you upload with RouteNote.

Spotify’s massive playlists are trend setters across the world. Many artists have broken into the big time after featuring in one of the hundreds of major playlists on Spotify with millions of new listeners tuning in to their music.

It’s a great way to get more streams, earn new fans and get your music out there. Here’s our simple guide to getting your music onto Spotify and sending it to their influencers and taste-makers for the best chance at getting featured on some of their giant playlists.

  1. Upload your music to Spotify in advance. RouteNote will upload your music to Spotify for free. You need to set a release date for it to come out so that it doesn’t go live as soon as Spotify receives it as it will need to be available to them but not live to be considered for playlists.
  2. Once your music has been approved by us we will send it to Spotify. It will usually take roughly 48 hours from approval to be with Spotify. You then need to access your Spotify for Artists account. If you haven’t claimed your profile, do it here.
  3. Head to your Spotify Analytics section. From there you can submit one unreleased song with information on it to help Spotify decide where it fits best and they’ll listen to it and decide whether to include it in their massive, influential playlists.

It’s that simple! Got any questions? Get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help you out with whatever you need to know.

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    Is the release date the Originally released or the sales start date so I know which one to set

    Your Sales Start Date is the date you want your release to go live. Original Release Date is the date it was first released, so if it’s a new release then you can put today’s date.

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