Push.FM’s new feature lets you give fans exclusive access to content in exciting new ways

Artists can let fans unlock merch, secret links, exclusive music and more with brand new Content Unlock campaigns on Push.FM.

Push.FM has just launched an exciting new feature that connects artists and fans in an entirely new way. Content Unlocks allow artists to get creative with a gift for their fans in exchange for their engagement and following.

Choose from a massive range of content that you could offer fans, including: Track downloads, wallpapers, secret links, event tickets, coupon codes, VIP Event info, and much more!

Get your free Content Unlocks now

Fans can unlock these special benefits in exchange for social actions like subscribing to your YouTube account, liking your page on Facebook, or following you on streaming services. Not only can you build your fanbase and online presence but with full campaign tracking you can track data on how people are responding to your campaigns and gain insight into your social reach.

Customise the campaign to look exactly how you want with custom images, a description outlining the awesome things on offer to fans when they take part and by adding as many or as little social actions needed to unlock what you have on offer.

You can get a free Push.FM account right now and start sharing your unique Content Unlock campaigns.

For Free: You get 10 Content Unlocks or 1GB of storage for your rewards.

Premium Users: Get unlimited Content Unlocks with up to 50GB of storage for your rewards.

If you’re ready to upgrade to Premium and get unlimited Fan Link campaigns and unlimited Pre-Save campaigns, you can sign up for £4.99 a month.

Head to Push.FM and boost your music today.

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How to set up a Pre-Save for free

Pre-Saves are a great way for fans to instantly get your new music on their library as soon as it’s available.

PUSH.fm are giving all users unlimited Fan Links, Pre-saves and Content Unlocks

Our partners over at PUSH.fm announce updates for their Free and Premium users, giving more users, more features, for less.


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