Why is Spotify so popular?

Spotify is the top music streaming app on the planet. What’s its secret?

Is Spotify better than Apple Music?

Spotify and Apple Music at first glance seem to offer very similar content. The question is – which should you choose?

Deezer’s new Flow Moods mix evolves with your emotions

Taking personalized playlists to the next level, Flow Moods users can choose how they’re feeling on an emotional colour wheel and change the tracks.

Gen Z is driving streaming growth forward

A new report into US media consumption shows that Gen Z is driving music streaming forward, with nearly 60% saying they stream music daily.

How do I rip songs from Spotify

Ripping music from a streaming service such as Spotify is illegal, however there are a few ways you can download music for offline playback.

Track and manage your music credit statistics with Muso.AI

Free app Muso.AI allows music professionals and businesses to view and manage all of their music credits in one place.

The power of playlists and how they are affecting your listening habits

Playlists are one of the top ways for music fans to discover new music on streaming platforms and they’re reshaping how listeners digest their music.

Are Spotify losing ground to ‘social music’ platforms?

With growth struggling against social music competitors like TikTok, how can Spotify ensure their goal of owning the audio market?

Spotify testing cheaper premium tier called Spotify Plus

Streaming giant Spotify has announced that it is testing a new tier called Spotify Plus, a cheaper alternative mixes elements of Premium and free.