Which streaming services have the most paying subscribers?

Which streaming services are all of the cool kids paying for? Here are the most subscribed music platforms today. These numbers aren’t always published by the streaming services themselves. Some are based off older estimates….

5 Ways To Support Artists During The Pandemic

Artists need your support more than ever, here are 5 simple ways to do so.

Top 10 streaming services with the most tracks

Want to subscribe to a platform with the most songs? Which streaming services have the most number of tracks. This data is from the streaming services themselves. Click the amount to see the source. 1….

Bandcamp Announce Live Streaming Service

Bandcamp Announce Bandcamp Live a ticketed streaming service.

How to use smart links to drive fans to your music

Smart links are a fantastic way to share multiple links in one well laid out landing page. Use Push.fm to create fan links for free. Our partner site Push.fm provides three key tools designed to…

Which streaming services offer lossless hi-fi audio?

Get your hi-fi stereo turned up to eleven, here’s a list of all major streaming services that currently offer lossless streaming. Amazon Music HD – $14.99/month or $12.99/month to Prime members Amazon Music HD offers…

The NMPA’s boss feels positive streaming rate increases will stay in the US

A recent decision by the US Copyright Royalty Board to increase songwriter’s streaming rates is being appealed but artist representatives and the NMPA remain hopeful. Last year, the US Copyright Royalty Board declared a decision…

Google to host audio ads tool for publishers on Spotify, Pandora and iHeartMedia

Google to support audio ads for publishers to advertise on streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora and iHeartMedia. Google Ad Manager are adding audio ads for ad-supported music services such as Spotify Free. This allows…

Spotify’s tips to prepare for your release day

Your music has been uploaded, it’s ready to go live on the release date you’ve set – now how do you maximise its performance whilst you wait for the release? Spotify has a lot of…

Mexico is one of the world’s biggest music streaming lovers, around 20m streamers

Mexico has been in the eyes of streaming services for years as one of the world’s biggest populations of music streaming lovers. The people of Mexico have taken to music streaming like many around the…