Spotify open Podcast Subscriptions to all U.S. creators

Spotify Podcast Subscriptions offer fans a way to support their favourite podcasters in exchange for exclusive content.

Spotify are thought to announce podcast subscriptions this week, while taking no cut from creators

After Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, Spotify may also allow podcasters to offer paid exclusives to be purchased on their podcast platform.

The Coda Collection is an Amazon Prime Video Channel with exclusive content featuring rarely-seen concert footage

The Coda Collection is to be the home for music fans, presenting video stories with fresh perspectives behind some of the most iconic moments in music.

YouTube are prepping a feature for third-party subscriptions from their site

YouTube have told news publishers that they plan to start testing a feature for viewers to subscribe to their content straight from their videos and channels. According to Digiday, YouTube have been in talks with…

The best tools to help your music grow

Here’s a handy list of RouteNote’s wide array of tools designed to help you as an artist grow. RouteNote Distribution The first and most import thing to remember is, the more places your music is,…