Image Credit: Spotify

In light of live events around the world ceasing, Spotify run down some of the ways they’ve helped artists boost their fan base and engage online.

After looking over how Spotify defined your year in consuming music with 2020 Wrapped or your year as an artist with 2020 Artist Wrapped, Spotify now look inwards. Recapping the Year at Spotify for Artists runs down all the ways the streaming service have stepped up their game since touring came to a stand still for so many artists around the world. Spotify say they helped over 60k artists surpassed 100k monthly listeners in 2020.

Supporting the Global Music Community
Expanding Canvas

Spotify have slowly been rolling out 3-8 second looping animated album arts starting with labels and high profile artists.

While this feature is still in beta, Spotify have found users who see a Canvas are 5% more likely to continue streaming, 145% more likely to share the track, 20% more likely to add it to their playlist, 1.4% more likely to save the track and 9% more likely to visit the profile page.

More new features on Spotify and Spotify for Artists

We’re looking forward to seeing how Spotify will continue to provide new and innovative ways to grow artists’ careers, be heard and build their fan bases in 2021.