Cloud-based collaborative DAW Soundtrap, owned by Spotify, launch Soundtrap Capture; a sound recording app, that makes collaborating on ideas easy.

Acquired in 2017 by Spotify, Soundtrap is the perfect DAW for socially distanced collaborative producing. Giving songwriters and musicians cross-platform tools for music/podcast recording and editing.

Now, Soundtrap are launching their new mobile app – Soundtrap Capture. The Capture app lets you record high-quality sounds such as vocals, instruments or sound effects anywhere, then share a link to invite friends to collab in real-time, by layering tracks on top of your initial ideas and applying simple edits. Recording is available online or offline, so you can jot down ideas when inpiration strikes you or you hear a noise you want to sample while you’re out and about. Existing projects and audio files can be imported. All projects are stored in the cloud, which keeps your music safe and allows for easy switching to their desktop app Soundtrap Studio to add finishing touches to the mix.

“Features immediately available on Soundtrap Capture include:

  • Multi-track Layering: layer track recordings, instruments and vocals over one another to create different takes.
  • Collaborate with Creators: invite multiple collaborators to join a project, present ideas, record and layer tracks to create songs together in real time.
  • Live Storage: immediately sync and back up all projects to the Soundtrap system, and easily access them so that you never lose an idea again.

And coming later this year: Seamless Integration: transfer seamlessly between the Soundtrap Capture app and the Soundtrap Studio, between desktop and mobile, all without missing a beat.”

How to use it:

Record & edit tracks


Soundtrap Capture’s editing and mixing tools are limited. Soundtrap emphasise the need for both Soundtrap Capture and Soundtrap Studio, stating Capture as the perfect tool for the first steps of music creation, with easy recording on the go, verses Studio focused on the final stages, for in-depth editing and mixing at home or in the studio.

The app is available today globally for free on iOS, with Android coming soon.