Spotify for Artists combines teams, labels and distributors into one spot

Spotify have made it way easier for your whole music team and backers to get involved in pitching your music to playlists, analysing your data and more.

Not everyone goes it alone in music and if you’ve got a team, manager, label or anyone else helping you make the most of your music then access to your Spotify performance is vital. Spotify have updated their Spotify for Artists platform so that everyone you want to have access to the platform for your music can get it.

Managers, labels, distribution and more can help pitch your songs to playlists. They can track your performance on Spotify to help you advise tour dates, when to release, where to promote on more. They can help you beautify your profile and more all in one place.

Spotify said: “In an effort to empower artists, managers, and labels to work together as seamlessly as possible, we’re bringing everyone together in one place. We’re looking forward to fostering better collaboration between teams – especially for artists signed to a label.”


Artists, managers and labels will be able to add multiple people to their teams, and see a log of actions taken across their team in Spotify for Artists with a new Activity Page.


Spotify for Artists users will continue to see helpful data and insights. Labels will see data for recordings they have the rights to.


In the coming weeks, both artist and label teams will be able to make changes to an artist profile — whether it’s updating a bio or sharing a playlist through Artist Pick.


And because we know all this information is better when it’s easily accessible, labels joining Spotify for Artists will now have access to our mobile app, available on iOS and Android.

If you’ve never used Spotify for Artists, we’ve shared all the useful things you can do with the tools, with some helpful case studies on this new site.

We’ll continue to bring Spotify Analytics users into Spotify for Artists over the coming months. Spotify Analytics users can expect to receive an email from us with next steps soon.

Best of all, this means we’ll be able to release new tools and features to artists, managers, and labels at the same time, so stay tuned for more product announcements.

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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