Spotify’s music and talk shows bring the feel of radio to your streaming service

Spotify’s new audio experiences want to bring back the personality to music mixes with a DJ keeping you company as you listen.

Music streaming has quickly become the number one way for many people to listen to music. Some of the newest generations might not even know what the radio experience is like, but for those missing it Spotify have some potentially exciting new content on the way.

Spotify are experimenting with combining mixes of great music with talking commentary connecting the dots between each track and keeping listeners company. They will essentially be the radio DJ hosts of various different mixes on Spotify.

The combination of music and talk show will be launched in episodes and users will be able to listen by tapping ‘Explore Episode’ on the episode pages or simply tapping play at the bottom of the screen.

The shows that are recorded and available on Spotify will only be found on Spotify as they still use Spotify’s streaming catalogue as with any other playlists or mixes. This means that any artists played in these shows will earn money for each play.

For now, Spotify have launched seven new shows in this format with plans to expand if there is a clear audience for them. Check them out for yourself:

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