In light of the current situation and the struggles we’re facing, Spotify are helping fans and artists connect and raise money.

Yesterday Spotify launched their Artist Fundraising Pick feature to Spotify for Artists. The brand new feature, created in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, allows artists to set up a fundraising button on their artist profile so that fans and listeners can simply click on it and make a contribution of their choosing.

In a time when artists are facing struggles from the live industry being completely shut down for the foreseeable future, direct funding from fans could make a huge difference. With music streaming an important bastion for music in these times this fantastic new feature seeks to use that to the artists benefit.

Setting up the button is simple from the Spotify for Artists app or website. Artists can use use Cash App, GoFundMe, and PayPal as their chosen destinations for funding that will help them, their band, team, label – whoever you decide needs the funds most.

Cash App are also adding a spectacular bonus to their partnership with Spotify for the Fundraising Pick button. The app will add an extra $100 to any artist’s account when they receive their first donation of any size to their linke “$cashtag” through the app. Cash App will continue to add their $100 donations until they have given out a total of $1 million to artists around the world. This is available for US and UK artists.

Artists can also select for their button to go to a variety of certified organisations if they feel comfortable enough with their income. A range of charities are on offer who Spotify are working with, including MusiCares, Help Musicians, Initiative Musik, PRS Foundation, and many more music relief bodies around the world.

Spotify haven’t been shy to help artists and the music community in these difficult times. Last month Spotify revealed a slew of initiatives they were taking, including raising money through donations from others which they would match up to a donation of $10 million. This latest move should really give a boost to artists.