Spotify adds virtual events to artist pages

In this brave new world virtual gigs have become somewhat commonplace and now Spotify have introduced virtual events on artist pages.

It’s been a pretty dead year for the events section on artists pages on Spotify. But artists aren’t ones to be kept down and have found new ways to connect with their fans as livestreamed gigs are more popular than ever.

Spotify have now introduced virtual event listings on Spotify so artists can add their digital gigs to their artist pages. When artists add virtual performances to their artist pages they will show up in their Concerts hub as usual.

The integration of virtual events uses Songkick and Ticketmaster. As long as the events are listed on either of these then artists can choose their streaming host of preference, including: Twitch, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, and other methods.

It’s a great addition that will help keep artists in touch with their fans in a year where it has been harder than ever to connect.

How to for artists:

The integration does not allow artists to add events through their Spotify for Artists platform. The events will need to be listed through Songkick and Ticketmaster and then arrange the Spotify listing through those platforms.

Once the event listings are live they can be selected as the Artist Pick from Spotify for Artists to highlight them at the the top of their Spotify artist page.

Spotify have some advice for livestreaming concerts from home here.

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