Your 2020 Spotify Wrapped is ready – Who did you stream the most this year?

Spotify’s yearly Wrapped is a great way for listeners to see which artists, songs and podcasts they streamed the most over the last year.

December this year means three things, the start of Christmas, the near end to a year that’ll go down in history and Spotify Wrapped once again – the yearly tradition of bragging that you have a better music taste than your friends.

Spotify Wrapped shows you your year in music and podcasts, with in-depth details on your most streamed artists, tracks, genres and playlists, as well as details like songs you listened to before they were cool.

As usual, Spotify Premium members get even more info on what they’re listening to. New additions to 2020’s Spotify Wrapped include:

  • New in-app quizzes – Guess your top podcasts, artists and decade you streamed the most.
  • Story of Your 2020 – From the date you listened to your top song for the first time, to its 100th stream and other notable milestones in between.
  • Deeper dive into podcast listening – How many minutes you spent listening to podcasts.
  • New Badges (for Premium listeners) – For example, if a number of your playlists gained significant new followers you’ll be crowned Tastemaker, or you listened to a song before it hit 50,000 streams you’ll be a Pioneer, or if you’ve added a large number of songs to your playlist, you’ll be a Collector.
  • New personalized playlists – Your Top Songs, showing all of your most streamed songs in one playlist, Missed Hits, songs Spotify thinks you’ll like that you didn’t listen to in 2020. Listeners in the U.S., UK and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada also get On Record, a mixed media playlist that features songs and playlists featuring your top artists.
  • The world of Wrapped to non-users – even if you’re not subscribed to Spotify, you can still see the latest global music and podcast listening trends, such as the most streamed artists, tracks, podcasts and decades. Find more here.
Spotify Wrapped Top Streamed Songs Globally

Head to the Spotify app on iOS or Android to watch your year unwrapped. Click here to see your 2020 Wrapped playlists as well as the top tracks, artists and podcasts around the world and locally.

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