Your Spotify 2020 Artist Wrapped is ready – see how far your music has grown this year

Image credit: Spotify

See your musical milestones in 2020 and connect with the fans that stream your music, by sharing your achievements on social media with sharecards.

Spotify’s Wrapped for Artists celebrates your year’s highlights as an artist, such as how many streams you gained, how many hours your music was streamed for, your total number of unique listeners, how many countries listened to you and so much more:

  • Total hours streamed
  • Moment when the most people were listening to the artist at the same time
  • Number of times listeners played any of the the artist’s songs on repeat
  • Info showing the journey of an artist’s top track: Number of streams, how it traveled around the world, the moment when it had the most listeners at the same time, playlist adds, and more
  • Countries where the artist was streamed for the first time, including the one that listened to them the most
  • Increases in followers, total listeners, new listeners, streams, or playlist adds
  • Number of fans that had the artist as their most listened to artist
  • Total number of fans sharing the artist’s profile, albums, and songs, including the song that fans shared the most
  • List showing some of the artist’s collaborators

All of this is ready to share with the fans that replayed you the most on social media with sharecards. Here are some examples from some of Spotify’s top new emerging artists who debuted in 2020 and made a big impact:
Danna Paola, Péricles, Brandy, Mt. Joy, Zoe Wees, Emanuel, Jenevieve, Mustafa, glaive.

Image credit: Spotify

Log in or claim your account at Spotify for Artists to access your 2020 Artist Wrapped.

Listeners can access their 2020 Spotify Wrapped here.

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