The astonishing country duo from either side of the Atlantic talk bridging that gap to create something special together.

Our Atlantic Roots have laid their imprint on the national folk scene in the UK. Resonating with audiences across festival scenes and streaming services, the folk-y duo talk to RouteNote with possibly their two most powerful songs coming out.

Laura and Mac come from two very different places. Laura grew up in the heartland of Northern England’s rolling countryside, Yorkshire. Mac originates from far across the pond, in North Carolina, USA.

In our revealing interview with the couple-become-musical duo, they tell us how they met in America and were led on a journey back across the Atlantic Ocean to bring their love of folk music in a bright, new form. Combining the musical forces of American Country music and the traditional folk of the UK new and old.

Together they create something fresh and beautiful. But how do they do it? Their writing process is lain out in detail with inspiration for all artists as how to approach songs with multiple contributors. We also get personal, including the ultimate question: Yorkshire or North Carolina?!

Our Atlantic Roots have just released two breath-taking new singles. Medhel an Gwyns is their gorgeous rendition of the song sung in the series Poldark, recorded in a beautiful trad style. Their original piece The Place I Call Home is a sombre reflection on the place and moments we treasure most with a powerful arrangement of instrumentation.

Hear the two new singles from Our Atlantic Roots and their past records on Spotify: