How to get your music discovered by a major record label in 2021

Image Credit: Volodymyr Hryshchenko

How do major labels discover their artists? Check out this chat with Head of A&R at Warner Music about how record labels really work.

Dreaming of getting signed to a major record label? Curious about how record labels find the next big music artists? A fascinating YouTube interview features music marketing agency Burstimo talking to Joe Kentish, head of A&R at Warner Music UK.

The chat covers everything from the basics of what A&R means, to how to get noticed as an artist; social media and working on your own brand; and the inner workings of record labels. The routes to success in different genres of music are touched on, and how TikTok is used as a discovery tool.

If you’re interested in getting your music heard by major record labels, have a listen below.

Just one perspective of how to find success in the music industry. Getting signed isn’t everything… focusing on having amazing music to send out into the world is key!

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