Alan Walker is back with the third instalment in his emotional series of collaborative tracks in the Alone series coming to platforms through RouteNote.

Alan Walker returns with a massive new touching track: Better Off (Alone Pt. III). Walker brought along some friends to make this record special, bringing gaming and YouTube superstar Vikkstar under his wing to bring out the musical side in him and famed producers Dash Berlin.

Alan Walker encouraged Vikkstar, famed online creator and member of the Sidemen, to take his love of music to another level and start DJing. With Alan Walker’s encouragement and a helping hand, Vikkstar moved into the world of music production and has cultivated a new passion which is manifesting in this release.

Together they began working on Better Off (Alone Pt. III) and joined up with legendary, award-winning producers Dash Berlin to bring a hit from the 90s into the modern day with a bunch of creative minds tallying up the experience for this massive track.

Teaming up with Vikkstar and Dash Berlin for ‘Better Off (Alone Pt. III)’ has been a creative whirlwind. We’ve reimagined a beloved 90s gem, infusing it with a contemporary twist that’s bound to resonate with fans old and new. This collaboration embodies the magic of music – a fusion of nostalgia and innovation.”

Alan Walker

Better Off (Alone Pt. III) sees Alan Walker’s Alone series of tracks become a trilogy, after releasing the first single in 2016. Alone Pt. II with Ava Max followed in 2019, and now we’re thrilled to see the third release coming out through RouteNote.

A theme of togetherness and support undercurrents each single and this is no clearer than in this track as “I think you better come along” puts an aural arm around the listener and brings them along with the journey Alan Walker, Vikkstar, and Dash Berlin have been on.

Dance music has been something I’ve loved for over a decade, simply as a fan. Meanwhile, attending festivals all over the world, from Tomorrowland to EDC Las Vegas to Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Alan and I have been friends for over five years, always making an effort to meet up whenever we’re in the same country. He encouraged me to venture outside my comfort zone and start DJing firstly, then to experiment with music production.

Being able to work on this project with a close friend has been a great experience, with lots to learn. I’ve been quietly producing & working on my own music. I’m very excited that my first-ever release will be a collaboration not only with Alan but also with Dash Berlin. Both artists have a legendary reputation and it’s been an honor to join them.


Listen to the astonishing new single from Alan Walker, Dash Berlin and Vikkstar now.