Sonos have launched a new music powered experience to play through their smart speakers.

Today Sonos and Napster launch their new linear, ad-funded webcast on Sonos apps in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Europe. The new offering brings 31 stations that promise a genuine radio feel and allows users around the world to tune in and listen to the same stream.

Each station will have a “human-hosted” feel (I’m not sure if that means it will or won’t be hosted) with specific branding to set that station apart. They will all be edited by real curators based on specific genres and styles and ordered meticulously rather than a random shuffle of music.

They’re using Super HiFi technology for the most seamless experience possible with smooth transitions between tracks. The tracks are all provided by Napster and Sonos have teamed up with collection societies in every country they will launch in to ensure artists get paid properly each time their songs are played.

As the stations play like a real station there is no skipping, just taste maker’s selections all day. This means that friends and family can tune in to the station and listen to exactly what you’re listening to.

Napster want these stations to facilitate a more personal experience than simply streaming music or playlists. They said that they want to “integrate artist voices directly into the stations”, saying:

“We can integrate artist promo packages, interview snippets or other content to help provide context for the listener and build the listener’s relationships with the artists.  We are exploring the possibility of artist takeovers of our hero brand station or even of specific genre stations, and we can use the Sonos marketing machine to help promote those events to our ~20M+ user base on Sonos. Sonos will also leverage our original show properties to feature artists and industry figures, and these shows will be heavily promoted throughout Sonos’ “owned marketing channels” to our user base.”

Between April 28th and May 19th the new stations will roll out in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Finland, and Mexico.