iHeartRadio are taking on traditional music streaming services with their new subscriptions allowing you to save and listen to tracks on-demand.

iHeartRadio revealed that they would be adding new listening options to their radio streaming service earlier this year. The beta versions of their new subscription tiers have now launched offering on-demand streaming for the first time through iHeartRadio through a partnership with Napster

iHeartRadio Plus is the cheaper option at $4.99 and allows listeners to replay songs when listening to radio stations and if they like it enough you can now save tracks to your own custom stations in the new ‘My Music’ section to listen to whenever with unlimited skips. iHeartRadio All Access offers a service more in-line with streaming competitors allowing “Unlimited access to millions of songs”, unlimited playlists and the option to save music for offline listening.

The service will still be differentiated from other streamers with it’s popular radio streaming offering unique music discovery options, which can now be easily saved on listening. iHeartRadio’s president Darren Davis said: “There’s just no-one who can do what we’ve done here combining music discovery and music collection and the power of the personalities of radio. ”

With 858 radio stations which have made up iHeartRadio’s service until now these new subscriptions show their first shift into on-demand streaming which is now dominating digital music services with massive streamers like Spotify and Apple Music re-enlivening the music industry.

Whilst it may be easy to draw comparisons with iHeartRadio’s new offerings to other streamers radio currently remains at the heart of iHeartRadio. Davis said that their 2 new tiers “turbocharges the live radio experience, instead of being another me-too version of Spotify and all the rest.” Davis isn’t concerned with attracting paying subscribers, saying that their established audience and plethora of radio stations give them “the biggest megaphone in America to music fans”.

The beta versions for Plus and All Access are available now on iOS and Android  with a full launch for the subscriptions scheduled for January.