BMW are bringing 3 years of in-dashboard music streaming to their high-end cars but some of the biggest streamers aren’t available.

BMW are adding Connected Music to their high-end models. It offers unlimited music streaming from some of the top streaming services with no data charges for 3 years.

Launching at first in 14 countries across Europe, the Connected Drive enhancement gives drivers access to their Premium Spotify, Napster and Deezer accounts. Notably, some of the major streaming services like Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play and YouTube Music aren’t included.

Drivers with a BMW ‘MGU (6U3)’ head unit can access the streaming services from their car now if they have updated to OS 7.0. When they log into their Premium accounts the dash will load up all of your personal music libraries from over 50 million songs.

Drivers can also save their music to play in offline mode. This is especially handy for going off-road where connection could get spotty and you don’t want to lose your driving mix.

Connected Music can be controlled using Voice assistants for a lot of functions. Hopefully BMW will be adding more services in the coming months following it’s launch.